Forbes Names Pope Francis the World’s Fourth Most Powerful Person


Pope Francis managed to make Forbes most powerful list, and he did it without a single Tomahawk missile.

I would guess that this is a bow to the pope’s worldwide popularity. What is ironic is that despite the fact that the pope has none of the trappings of raw power that the other members of the Most Powerful list possess, he really does have a kind of power.

The power to persuade through love and hope is and always has been the most potent kind of power that anyone can possess. What these other people have is the power to destroy — through weapons, taxes regulations., or expenditures of monies. They can, if they are careful, creative and deeply good people, shape this power to the purposes of good.

But Pope Francis has the healing power of Christ at his disposal. This acts on the many cruelties and sins of individual lives in the same way that water acts on stone. It slowly wears away the rough edges and transforms, but it does it so gradually and painlessly that the observer can not see it as it happens.

What is interesting is that every Christian has access to this same healing power, if they will just use it. Scripture tells us that love is stronger than death. I don’t think this refers only to physical death. I think it refers to our whole death-worshipping culture and, on a personal scale, to the many little deaths of cruelty and indifference that we encounter in our daily lives.

Love is stronger than death. God’s love is stronger than the entropy of decaying civilizations and the slow deconstruction of wasted lives. His love cancels out the annihilation that is the core craving of all deep evil.

God’s love is the not just the transforming power in human society. It is the glue that holds everything, everywhere, together. We see the corrosive effect that rejecting God has on individuals, on their belief systems and their overall behavior. We see it writ large on societies that fall away from Him. But the truth is, God is still holding those people and this world in existence, even as they reject Him. If God ceased to love existence into existence, there would be nothing, absolutely nothing, anywhere. Existence itself would cease to exist without the power of God holding it in place.

When the scriptures tell us that He holds us in the palm of his hand, they are telling a truth that is simultaneously metaphorical and literal. We exist because He wills existence itself into being. And yet, for all that incomprehensible power and grandeur, He cares for and knows each of us as the individual lights that we are.

The Holy Father, who speaks for His Son’s Church, does have power. It is the power of the words that lead to eternal life spoken to a world dedicated to following after its own death.

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  • Roki

    Fourth is about right for the pope.

    Now, if only they’d recognize that the top three spots belong to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

  • Bill S

    How is Putin the most powerful man in the world? I guess he has a stronger grip on his position than Obama has on his. Obama goes back to being just another citizen in 2013. Then Hillary will be the most powerful man in the world. Watch out Bill. You’re her b****h then.

    • hamiltonr

      Bill, that list is all hype designed to sell the magazine. If they did it factually, the list would be the same, year after year, which wouldn’t sell magazines. Hence, they have to shuffle things around. In terms of sheer destructive power (can kill the most people in all sorts of ways with the push of a button) President Obama is the 800 pound gorilla in the most powerful race. He would be every single year.

  • Bill S

    Sorry about that. 2017. Some of you might wish it were 2013.