Obamacare: The White House Viewpoint


Will Obamacare provide affordable health care or not?

If it does, who will get it?

I received a link to this video in a White House broadcast email today. I think you need to see it and add it to your list of considerations concerning this plan.

I have no idea how accurate it is, or what parameters are being used to come up with these figures. Feel free to add links to other legitimate information in the com boxes.

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  • Mary E.

    I went to the Department of Health and Human Services site and found the report in question. There is generous use of the word “may,” as in “young adults between the ages of 18-34 may qualify for tax credits that would reduce their premiums to less than $50.00 or less than $100.00 monthly.” The possibility of qualifying for Medicaid is also raised. Finally, consumers must go to the HealthCare.gov site to locate these plans in their state and to determine if they are eligible for the tax credits or Medicaid. See this link “http://aspe.hhs.gov/health/reports/2013/UninsuredYoungAdults/rb_uninsuredyoungadults.pdf”

  • FW Ken

    NBC News has a long feature tonight on people losing their policies only to get much more expensive coverage with unwanted and unneeded coverage. Apparently this is a massive number of people.

    So when the president loses NBC…

  • AnneG

    Peculiar. They said specifically that about 30 million people would not qualify in any way, resulting in the same number being uninsured. I can find the link if you like.

  • Bill S

    I am still somewhat annoyed at the attempt to delay implementation by shutting down the government. Even if there are flaws that must be addressed, the American people chose Obama over Romney, who promised to do away with Obamacare, even though he approved Romneycare here in Massachusetts. I hope the Republicans have finally gotten the message that this program is not subject to negotiation in approving the budget and debt ceiling. I hope that the voters remember what happened when these people come up for reelection. It’s too bad about the computer situation. It plays right into the hands of those who don’t care about others who haven’t been able to afford decent health care. It’s not their problem, so they have no interest in addressing it.

    • AnneG

      Bill, there are so many errors in so small a space. First, if you think that just because a person gets elected to an executive office in the US he gets any legislative agenda he wants as a free ride, you really need to study US government again. We have 3 co-equal branches of government which are in competition in a way. The president cannot propose legislation. Bills are introduced in either the house or the Senate. Then, each votes on them and, if they do not pass the exact same bill they go back to the other house for ratification or they go to conference, then both houses have to vote again. Executive privilege is limited. All tax bills must originate in the house.
      The government shutdown came about because the Senate Majority leader, Harry Reid would not bring any of the bills, 42, to the Senate for a vote. These included most of the appropriations for departments. If you want government in charge of insurance in Massachusetts, that’s up to you. And, the legislative branch can repeal any bill they want, as well as alter bills or not fund the legislation. This system requires negotiation. The States have power and responsibility in most decisions.
      Finally, you committed a grave calumny and slander against me and many others who are against this bill. There are many ways of dealing with providing health care to those who can’t afford it. This is not the way. I have lived in places with socialized, single-payer medical care. It is bad. I won’t go on, example: 3 year average in some parts of the UK to put in PE tubes in a kid’s ears; rationed cataract surgery to one eye and only after legal blindness. Not what I want here. I could go on, but don’t need to.

      • Bill S

        The Affordable Care Act is a law that has been voted upon by the legislature, ruled upon by the Supreme Court and signed by the President who was then re-elected. How dare a group of malcontents stop a budget process by having the Speaker refuse to put it to a vote? Who are you people? What right have you to throw this country into chaos because you oppose a bill that has very little to do with the matter at hand? I can’t wait to see how the voters respond.