Papal G8 Meets for the First Time

Pope Francis appointed a select committee of eight cardinals from around the world shortly after his election last spring. These eight cardinals, all of them Vatican outsiders, were charged with making suggestions for the reform of the Roman Curia.

Their first meeting is today.

From The Guardian:

The eight cardinals picked by Pope Francis to advise him on reform of the Roman curia and the governance of the Catholic church are preparing to meet the pontiff for the first time on Tuesday, in an unprecedented three-day meeting likened to a “papal G8″.

In a move already billed as a potentially critical moment for Francis’s six-month-old papacy, the multinational group of “outsider” cardinals is flying in to Rome from all corners of the globe to present him with ideas for how to reform the Vatican and the church worldwide.

The panel – officially named the Council of Cardinals – was hailed as a revolutionary move when it was formed in April shortly after Francis’s election. One observer said that, in its apparent embrace of a more collegial style of church governance, it was the “most important step in the history of the church for the past 10 centuries”.

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  • FW Ken

    This article overstates the case. Cardinals are appointed to the various commissions and dicasteries on a routine basis. The Vox Clara group that prepared the new English translation of the Mass was internation, headed by the Austrailian Cardinal Pell.
    Which raises the question: are all of those travel costs really worth it? That’s not a snarky question because I have no idea. My inclination is to say yes they are. But I might be wrong.

  • jenny

    Are there any women representing the vast majority of the church-goers?