Shutdown News

A few tidbits of news on the shutdown. Caveat: These lists are almost certainly incomplete since the situation is constantly changing.

Which Lawmakers are Giving up Their Pay During the Shutdown

What’s Affected by the Shutdown? 

While We’re Living with This Shutdown, the Big Brains in Congress are Already Planning the Next One

The Real Reason for the Shutdown: They Hate Each Other

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Republicans Blaming the Democrats

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President Obama Blaming the Republicans

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  • Dale

    Refusing their pay while the shutdown continues is “good optics” for members of Congress. It will look good to the people back home, and help mollify some of the public anger.

    On the other hand, very few (if any) members of Congress will be financially crimped. A Representative or Senator needs to be well-heeled to be elected in the first place, and once in office, they become even richer