2013 Favs: Gay Marriage: French Opposition Continues


Opponents to France’s new law legalizing gay marriage say they will continue the fight. 

This unwise action by the French government in forcing the vote to legalize gay marriage on an unwilling population appears to have the potential to push France into a protracted struggle. Roe v Wade certainly did that here in America. This kind of government-created civil disturbance is almost always a bad idea.

I haven’t read the new law, but news reports about it say that it specifically allows medical technological interventions to create children for gay couples. Aside from the obvious commodification for children, this process also requires farming women’s bodies for eggs and then  using them for surrogates. The obvious misogyny in that is mind boggling.

This practice is widespread here in America. We have celebrities parading around with their manufactured children that were created by this use of women bodies. We also have a television show that “normalizes” the egregious practice. The violation of the basic human rights of both women and children to be treated as people and not commodities are entirely ignored in our public discussion of this issue. 

According to Vatican Radio, there are reports of “English-speaking companies offering to provide same sex couples in France with children at a cost of $100,000.” I would not be at all surprised if these companies were the same American companies that run baby-manufacturing mills here in America.

From Vatican Radio:

(Vatican Radio) Opponents of a new French law legalizing marriage for same sex couples are vowing to continue their campaign, one day after France became the 14th country to pass the controversial legislation.
A bill, which also allows for adoption by same-sex couples, passed by 321 votes to 225 in the French parliament yesterday, amid heated debate and protests both in and outside the National Assembly building.
French President François Hollande is expected to sign the bill once it has cleared any constitutional challenges. But a broad coalition of opponents, including the Catholic Church, says it will continue contesting the legislation and is planning further demonstrations.
Tugdual Derville is a spokesman for the opposition movement and a leader of the Alliance Vita, pro-life organization. 
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He says this movement marks the birth of a real reawakening in France of those who are concerned that the most vulnerable people, children, the aged, the handicapped, remain a priority for economic and social policies….today, he says, we see English speaking companies offering to provide same sex couples in France with children at a cost of $100.000 – this is deeply shocking to us.
It is time, Derville says, to open a serious discussion about what we call human ecology, aimed at recognizing, protecting and transmitting to future generations the truth about our human procreation, our birth from a man and a woman. Beyond the public protests, the movement will continue to promote serious reflection and the development of a culture at the service of all human beings.

Text from page http://en.radiovaticana.va/news/2013/04/24/french_opposition_continues_to_same-sex_marriage/en1-686133
of the Vatican Radio website

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  • Mary B.

    When I was a broke college student a few years ago, I remember being targeted by Facebook ads looking for egg donors. Facebook and its advertisers had correctly guessed that I was both struggling financially and blissfully unaware of both the moral and physical dangers inherent to egg donation. Desperate for money, it was something I briefly explored. Fortunately, existing health conditions prevented me from following through.

    Now that I am older and better educated on the risks of egg donorship (loss of fertility, anyone?) I am horrified by how reproductive tech companies prey on the bodies of women. As far as I am concerned, these businesses are simply the newest sexual predator on the block, complete with a false legitimacy to hide behind.

    When women become nothing more than harvesting fields and manufacturing plants to be used to artificially produce children, how is it anything OTHER than misogyny?

    The beautiful thing about marriage between a man and a woman is that they equally need each other to create a new life and this mutual need cultivates (and indeed, demands!) respect for the whole person–preventing either the man or woman from being reduced to their eggs, uterus, or sperm.

    Rant over. Anyways thank you Rebecca for being spot-on in this post and, as usual, calling it what it is.

  • pagansister

    Guess we will see if the French government pays any attention. Good news (to me) on the domestic front—my former home state, RI has legalized SSM!

    • vox borealis

      Can we please stop using this imprecise language? SSM was already “legal.” You mean to say that RI is now going to recognize the status of couples in SSM (for example, of gay couples who were married down at the Unitarian Church) and (presumably) state agents will now also perform civil marriage services for such couples.

      • pagansister

        OK, if you will, vox, RI will now”recognize” married SS couples. Yes, as a Unitarian, I know that UU’ churches marry SS couples.

  • Noor

    I don’t understand why you link egg donation to gay marriage.Straight couples do it all the time. As far as i know it’s not a requirement for gay marriage.Gay couples who want children use different ways.
    Also if you are going for a fair portrayal of this crisis in France, some mention of gay bashings and death threats that proponents of gay marriage are receiving would be nice.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      The second part of the French law which included this was heavily opposed by the French people.

      • Noor

        Was it a part of bill 344? As far as i know it was about giving French birth certificate to children born abroad using surrogacy.

        • Rebecca Hamilton

          I don’t know. Maybe someone else can help with that.

  • Mike

    This might have had more to do with protecting the country’s lucrative tourism industry and the wealthy liberal elites who support it to a great extent than with either so-called gay marriages or sticking it to supports of moms and dads.

  • FW Ken

    Not to interrupt, but here is the Bret reason to oppose the gay agenda:


    As to death threats against pro-gay agitators, that may or may not be true. What is true is that people don’t like to be bullied, and three French really don’t like to be bullied. Gay agitprop gets old, and some people are starting to figure out that “live and let live” is irrelevant. The gay agitators won’t let people alone until they APPROVE.

  • Andrew

    Marriage equality can’t really be compared to abortion like that. In the United States, political opinions on abortion has remained roughly balanced for decades. Marriage equality, on the other hand. has enjoyed large, consistent growths in popularity over the past 10-15 years.

    Furthermore, marriage equality isn’t a matter of life and death, so the stakes aren’t as high for the opposition. People that don’t like abortion will probably continue to dislike it no matter what, but once marriage opponents see that it has no ill effects, that homosexuals make fine parents, and that they are on the wrong side of history, most of them will probably give up anti-marriage activism within a few years.

    • Mike

      Yes, you know you’re probably right but only because there’ll be so few of these so-called marriages that people will stop noticing. The children of course will continue to grow up confused and disturbed but oh well they’ll manage.

      • Rebecca Hamilton

        First, it ain’t a done deal yet. Second, so long as we’re crystal ball gazing, isolated changes in various states is not predictor of a mass societal change in the basic unit of society. I would guess that if this comes to pass, it will be somewhat like the increase in divorce, out of wedlock births, etc. The damage — at least to children — will be generational and geometric. I also fear that, over the long haul, it will be catastrophic. The damage to social discourse — at least the way it’s playing out so far — will be much more immediate. I do not think for one moment that if we re-write the marriage laws to include people of the same sex that it will stop there. We’ve already seen attacks on individual conscience and freedoms. Also, there is a nascent movement to push for marriage to include “polyamory.”

        There is no bottom, unless we establish one and hold to it.

        • vox borealis

          Also, the comparison to public opinion on divorce is not really accurate. For a long time there was tremendous stigma against abortion. In a relatively short time public opinion swung considerably toward a more liberal stance on abortion, after which the numbers have more or less plateaued. There is nothing to say the same thing won’t happen with opinion on state recognition of same sex marriage. We are currently witnessing the paradigm shift, but I’m not convinced the present increasing support will continue forever.

  • FW Ken

    So, Andrew, how many of us do you think you’ll have to put in jail (see link above) before we shut up and learn our place?

  • FW Ken

    Perhaps the French are unwilling to go the way of Belgium:


    Note: lifesitenews it’s not always a good source, but this story seems to check out.