HHS Mandate and the Complete Loss of Religious Identity


HHS Mandate = Totalitarianism.

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  • FW Ken

    Excellent. It’s a reminder that those who are glad to see the Church dragged down should take care: if they can do it to us (especially on a very arcane subject as contraception), they can do it to anyone over anything.

    And that’s not getting to the abortion connection. Christians who don’t object to contraception are going to wake up one of these days and find they are paying for abortion.

    • AnneG

      I think it’s worse than that, Ken. They will wake up and find forced abortions for birth defects, even as minor as cleft palate and club foot. Euthanasia for “suffering” is already happening. Medicare pays for long term hospice care and some providers feel it necessary to give narcotics to alleviate the sufferings of old age. The patient has no say. This is already happening and will increase with HHS making these decisions.

  • http://ashesfromburntroses.blogspot.com/ Manny

    See, he said it: “totalitarianism!” It wasn’t little Conservative me that said it. You give government power, even with the best of intentions, then you will have to accept things you don’t want. It has the power to force you to abandon your values.
    And by the way, that was another LIE that Obama told, that he would preserve freedom of conscience. He is the most untruthful president I have ever experienced. I’m reaching the point he should be impeached.

    • Bill S

      “Totatalitarianism” is ridiculously harsh word to use for a program that helps people and doesn’t hurt anyone. The Catholic Church doesn’t want its members to use birth control (except NFP for some strange reason). We get it. Forcing your religion on your employees is not one of your rights under the First Amendment. Get over it.

      • AnneG

        Sorry, Bill, the latest is that 6 million people have lost their insurance because of Obamacare. Compared to less than 1 million who have signed up. 85% of US citizens were happy with their insurance coverage before Obamacare. An employer should be able to say, “we pay for this in our health insurance plans.” Anything else is definitely totalitarian. Especially considering that only 19% of US report approving of Obamacare while over 60% disapprove.

        • http://ashesfromburntroses.blogspot.com/ Manny

          I thought of people driopped right after I posted my reply. More people (at least 6X) have been harmed by Obamacare than helped, and EVERYONE will be paying substantially more for health insurance. It’s on a death spiral and will die from its own stupidity.

      • http://ashesfromburntroses.blogspot.com/ Manny

        Doesn’t hurt anyone? Hahahaha. I guess you just love government solutions and agencies. Next time you see how much you pay in taxes, tell me it doesn’t hurt anyone. Half my income goes to taxes.

      • FW Ken

        Bill, you just say these things because you think you are sticking your finger in the eye of the big, bad, Catholic Church.

        Give it a rest and have a nice Christmas. Enjoy your family.

      • http://outsidetheautisticasylum.blogspot.com/ Theodore Seeber

        Poison helps people and doesn’t hurt anybody?

        Removing people’s fertility doesn’t hurt anybody?

        You have some strange meaning of the word hurt that I have not previously been aware of.

  • kenofken

    Didn’t some judge recently rule against the mandate?

    • hamiltonr

      There have been a lot of rulings going both directions. I believe the issue is going to the Supreme Court.

  • Fabio Paolo Barbieri

    I have a problem with the historical narrative of this video. The loss of religious dimension of the American universities was not caused by “totalitarianism” or by political aggression; indeed, it has nothing to do with it. It has everything to do with the apparently unstoppable drift of Calvinist bodies towards Arianism and Unitarianism. Already by 1810 all the leading preachers in Boston save one were Unitarians, and the very founding convention of the Episcopal Church after independence had avoided by a handful of votes having belief in the Trinity removed as “divisive”. People don’t realize just how far back this drift away from Christianity goes: Milton himself was an Arian.

    Of course, the great colleges followed their denominations. Unitarianism became the default religion of Harvard, Princeton and Yale. And this drift from Christianity was strengthened by the extraordinary growth of these colleges, which morphed in a couple of generations from pleasant local institutions to vast corporations at the head of a colossal economic sector worth billions. This did not happen only in America. To give a couple of instances of what happened to the university sector in the nineteenth and twentieth century: in Germany, the great university of Tubingen is the lead employer in its county (Kreis); in Italy, the University of Rome “La Sapienza” went from 400 students in 1860 to 100,000 today. It must be clear that this kind of change means that the very spirit of the place has changed; you cannot speak of continuity except in the vaguest way.

    Add to this the conflation between Big College, Big Business, and the military-industrial complex, which is even closer in America than in Germany and elsewhere. From the days of John D.Rockefeller and the University of Chicago, American corporate power has invested in the university sector to remake it in its own image. There have been gains: the University of Chicago is one of the finest in the world. But the nature of corporations is to be morally cowardly and spineless – the expression “corporate drone” embodies a sad reality – and the contributions from the corporate mind to the collegiate one have included a sad lack of any beliefs and a certain tendency to brutal pragmatism.

    The State itself is only at the end of this evolution/devolution. Obama is really the first American President to take part in a deliberate attack on the independence of universities (among other corporations), and he would never have been able to do so without the intense support of large parts of the corporate sector of America, beginning with most of the media. When we talk about the Obamaite tendency to totalitarianism, we have to remember that the man would have been nothing without the support of formidable and formidably endowed interests.

    • Bill S

      Arius asserted that the Son of God was a subordinate entity to God the Father.

      How did this become a heresy? How did Jesus become God?

      How did a man become a god?

      • hamiltonr

        Merry Christmas Bill.

        Go hug your family and give it a rest for a couple of days. You take up bashing the Church after the rest of us are through celebrating.

      • Fabio Paolo Barbieri

        Totally irrelevant. What is relevant is “how did this college become Deist?” You may have any kind of views on philosophical ultimates, and the historical question still would be the same.