Back Tomorrow. Today I Deal with Frozen Pipes!


I planned on coming back today, but I need one more day of time-out, instead.

I have a frozen pipe thing going at my house and I need to take care of that first!

See ya tomorrow!


  • AnneG

    Hope you get that taken care of soon.

  • SisterCynthia

    Oh, no… :( I hope there’s not much damage to report!!

  • pagansister

    Been there, done that a couple of time while living in RI. Not a fun situation. Fortunately we didn’t have any of them burst! Stay warm.

  • Manny

    OMG, that is a big problem. Make sure they don’t burst or crack.

  • Fabio Paolo Barbieri

    Oh, damn. I hope you get through this with no worse problems. Happy new year anyway.

  • pagansister

    Hope you have running water now and none of the pipes burst!

    • hamiltonr

      The pipe that broke is capped off. I don’t have the $ to get it fixed right now. (I’m paying tuition for two kids this month!) but, yes, we’ve got water and all messes are cleaned up. :-)

      • pagansister

        Glad things have improved—-not a fun situation at any time.