Forty-One Years. Dear God Forgive Us.

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I can’t do this anymore.

That was the thought.

It came after the realization.

I woke up this morning feeling sick without an illness. I was sorta dizzy, totally dispirited and generally feeling like it was a day to avoid.

Then, I remembered. Today is January 22, a date, to paraphrase Franklin Roosevelt, that lives in infamy.

And I thought: I can’t do this anymore. I can’t, I can’t, I can’t deal with the fact of … how many is it? who keeps this grisly toll? … tens of millions of lives taken, tossed in a trash can, flushed down the drain, “disposed of” as waste.

Forty-one years. And each life is a snowflake; unique, irreplaceable and beautiful.

It isn’t tens of millions of lives lost. It is one life lost, and another life lost, and another and another and another until we are looking, not at an individual who is his or her own bright shining star, but at an incomprehensible mass of anonymous bodies piled into mountains of wasted human lives. Their individuality, their essential humanness, lies hidden in the crush of numbers.

Forty-one years of easy killing, and the heavy toll it’s taken, not so much on the babies we’ve murdered, but on us, as a nation, as people, as free moral agents who bear the weight of our decisions, is too much.

Abortion is a gateway drug of killing and social destruction that appears to know no limits in its power to deform, deface and destroy the essential humanness, not just of the unborn, but of whole societies that partake of it.

Abortion. Euthanasia. Embryonic stem cell research. Egg harvesting. Paid surrogacy. Designer babies.

The beat goes on.

Dear God forgive us.

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  • Ray Glennon

    Powerful and moving. You have made this critical life issue more poignant for me than it has been before. God forgive me. God forgive us all.

  • Manny

    I know. I so wanted to get to the march for life in DC but we got smacked with snow last night. It just wasn’t reasonable to attempt it. Abortion is the disgrace of our time. It’s as bad as the slavery issue of the 19 th century, perhaps even worse than slavery. Lord God, forgive us all for this.

    May I ask if that picture is of a famous work of art? Where is it from. I really like it.

    • hamiltonr

      I got it from Photobucket. It’s a photo of a pro life monument. I think the monument is in Europe, but I’m not sure where.

      Next year, I’m going to the West Coast March for Life, it at all possible. I didn’t have the $ this year. It takes a bit of coin to get to either coast from Oklahoma.

  • D. A. Christianson

    Yes, I have the same feeling, often. But we have held as well as we can, and the signs are that we are beginning to turn the tide, and not only here.

    But still, the lost souls haunt me as well. But we, you and I, and all the others as well will continue the fight, that is our nature. And may God help us….

  • Ray Glennon

    I work at 7th and Independence in Washington, DC. Your post got me out of my office and onto the March for Life today. (It wasn’t the first time, but it’s not as often as I should.). Thanks for the inspiration and motivation.

    • hamiltonr

      Thank YOU Ray! I needed to hear this today.

      • Ray Glennon

        You’re most welcome. And thank you again. You might want to check your Twitter mentions for another interesting photo from the March.
        Twitter: @rayglennon:disqus

        • hamiltonr

          Will do.

  • CathyLouise

    Sometimes, Rebecca, I feel like I’m living on an alien planet. I work at a University in California. One colleague of mine has had four abortions; another talks to me about how great it was that the man she’s with escorted one of his girlfriends to the abortion clinic when they were in college, wasn’t that a great show of support for the woman? Three gay couples – two lesbians couples who wanted children. So they conceived in-vitro and are raising boys. Another person tells me of a birthday party for two kids who are siblings – but these siblings don’t live in the same house; they were conceived in a test tube, one implanted in one woman, another implanted in another woman, but the parents want the siblings to know each other, so they do stuff together. When I was telling one of the students that she should probably wait until she’s married to have a child, another colleague – a mother no less – said, “she doesn’t have to wait, she can have the baby whenever she wants.” At least with her I could say, “listen, you know parenting is hard enough even when there’s both a mom and dad, it’s really hard if you’re a single parent,” without fear of unjust recrimination. I’ve been thinking about this mess, and really, I believe it a lot of this chaos derives from abortion having been legalized.

    • hamiltonr

      Bless you CathyLouise. You are on the tip of the sword. I agree with you. Abortion was the paradigm shift that set us on the road to the mess we are in now.

    • pagansister

      I feel a woman should certainly have a choice whether to continue a pregnancy, and if not, terminate before the 12th week. However, having said that, i certainly do NOT think if should be birth control! 4 abortions? No. One is hard enough, why would anyone decide to do it again?

      • CathyLouise

        Pagansister, may I as why an abortion at 11 weeks is OK but an abortion at 13 weeks isn’t? I’m not being snarky, I’d like to know what criteria you used to come to this conclusion.

        • pagansister

          I feel that is a reasonable amount of time to choose. Today a woman can find out when she is pregnant much earlier than in the past, so perhaps that time should be sooner. When I had my 2 children, one had to wait for at least missing one period. Today? No such problem. I do believe a woman does have a choice whether to carry a pregnancy to term, and I certainly hope a woman would do so. I’m not advocating termination of a pregnancy, I advocate birth control and no, I don’t think abortion should be used as birth control. Those women I have known who found it necessary to terminate did so only one time.

          • CathyLouise

            So, essentially, the focus is on whether or not the woman (and ideally the man) want to parent a child? Pardon the bluntness, but doesn’t that ignore the question of what is being done to the child who is being aborted?

            • pagansister

              Many times it is just that, whether or not a woman (or man) wants to parent a child & sometimes depends on the circumstances at the time a pregnancy is found out. Not all children are wanted, not every woman (or man)wants a child. I have a niece and she and her husband have never wanted a child and have made sure over the last 19 years they didn’t get pregnant to begin with. In their case it isn’t financial, they just have no desire to make babies. No, it doesn’t ignore the question of the fetus. Before 9 to 12 weeks, there is NO chance at all of life outside the womb. After that time, continue and give birth. I totally disagree with a termination after 12 weeks. Would you rather have a child born and then have it mistreated sometimes to death as some are? Not all unwanted children are turned over for adoption. Yes, we could go into help that is available etc. but not all women will seek advise or accept help when offered. I’m all for help and advise. There are also those pregnant by rape. Another story all together. We have a difference of opinion on this subject.

              • CathyLouise

                I really wanted to know your thoughts as you frequently comment on Rebecca’s blog, and I knew you had given considerable thought to the topic. Viability outside the womb seems to be your litmus test. At least it’s been thought about. I don’t know that the example of a child being unwanted may end up abused is a great justification – lots of children who were wanted are also abused. Lots who were not wanted are never abused. But, as you said, we do have a difference of opinion.

                • pagansister

                  I realize that some children who are wanted are also mistreated, unfortunately. And yes, those that were not wanted are treated with love and care. Yes, we have a difference of opinion. Mine has been formed over many years, having lived before and after the Roe V. Wade decision and knowing 4 women, a couple in my family group, who have had to make that decision for various reasons. Thank you for being so polite with your discussion on this subject. I appreciate it. .

  • irena mangone

    Here in Australia when a government minister dared to say how wrong it is abortion he got howled down in derision how dare he say such things a woman’s body is hers to do as she wishes etc and the sad thing is the prime minister who is a Catholic did not say anything in support of his colleague and neither did the other. So called Catholics in the government. And the prime minster is always spoken of as a devout catholic and a very good friend of Cardinal Pell. . It’s so sad that babies are born so premmie and are being kept alive and hoping to live and in the other part of hospitals they are being murdered and some want abortions up to time of 40 weeks are they serious ? The baby could be adopted . I get very worked up re the murder of unborn babies . It starts width them and ends up getting rid of elderly parents very slippery road , excuse my rant. god bless you all

  • irena mangone

    Before someone says ant thing yes I noticed too late that the g in God was not capital letter my apologies.

    • FW Ken

      One of the few not-evil things about discus is that you can edit after submitting the comment. At least on my phone, I can edit until I leave the page, then the option disappears. You can also edit after Rebecca approves it, but then she has to approve it again, so I try to not do that unless I make a total hash of the text. A lower-case “g” is small beer compare to some of my errors. :-)