Pope Francis Tasks Notre Dame to be “Uncompromising” In Its Catholic Identity

The Holy Father’s remarks to Notre Dame strike to the core mission of all Catholic Universities. I hope that they are listening.

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  • http://outsidetheautisticasylum.blogspot.com/ Theodore Seeber

    Academic freedom is more important than Catholicism to these universities, it seems. They’d much rather sacrifice Catholicism than Academic Freedom.

    • hamiltonr

      I’m not so sure I’d call it academic “freedom” Ted, since it admits of its own rather rigorous and highly prejudiced censorship.

      • http://outsidetheautisticasylum.blogspot.com/ Theodore Seeber

        They call it academic freedom- that is, the freedom of the academy from the clerics.

        You are very right that the academy has its own rather rigorous and highly prejudiced censorship.

      • http://ashesfromburntroses.blogspot.com/ Manny

        Good point. Academic freedom these days at all Universities is a lock step mindset of Liberal cultural values, and mostly the farthest left as possible. (I’m not talking political left/right here, though it bleeds into that too, but cultural left/right.) Academic freedom is actually a farce, because Professors with a Conservative mind set are not welcomed.

  • SisterCynthia

    I hope they are too. And the other universities!

  • FW Ken

    Academic freedom is an excuse, not a reason. I went to a Methodist college for my undergraduate degree, and saw first hand how these things work. In two generations, that church went from growing evangelical to dying modernism.

    It has a lot to do with economic prosperity. The history of monasticism is replete with stories of communities that begin well but their frugality and hard work lead to prosperity, which leads to complacency, which leads to decline. Universities, including Catholic universities, are not immune to this process. With the influx of money into higher education currently, I expect a concurrent decline in academic quality, and, for faith-based schools, decline in their Christian commitment.

    In the meantime, Ex Corde Ecclesiae remains in effect, should a bishop become serious about the Catholic Faith as lived – or not lived – at universities in their diocese.

  • Fabio Paolo Barbieri

    As they say over here… chance would be a fine thing!