Pope Francis: What Can the Nuns Be Doing That Stops Them From Answering the Phone?

You never know when the Pope might give you a call, so check your messages.

The prioress at a convent in Spain “literally wanted to die” when she checked the convent’s phone messages. Pope Francis had called the nuns to wish them a Happy New Year and the nuns missed the call because they were at prayer.

“I took down the message and passed it on” the prioress, Sister Adriana, said. “We told ourselves that we were fulfilling our duty. We never thought the Holy Father would remember us.”

Pope Francis is an old friend of several of the nuns in the convent, who are originally from Argentina.

Here, with English subtitles, is the message the Holy Father left.

YouTube Preview Image

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  • FW Ken

    That is hilarious. Apparently, he calls people he knew in Argentina to wish them a happy birthday. One call was to the guy who made his shoes.

  • pagansister

    Heard that story on NPR the other day, and laughed. My first thought was that perhaps the Nuns were at prayer, and it seems I guessed right. It is just a fun story and the question the Pope asked I expect was in jest. I just think it is neat that he called but even better that he left a message! :-)