They’re Going to Die Anyway

One doctor’s answer to the argument that the baby is going to die anyway. This doctor also explains how Obamacare violates the consciences of medical practitioners with its enforcement of abortion at any cost.

As a side note, I know a number of people who have healthy children that they were told to abort because the baby supposedly had a terminal illness or grave disability and, when they refused the abortion (often they were under serious duress from their doctors to abort) the baby turned out to be fine.

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  • FW Ken

    You know, we have a case here in Fort Worth where the woman died at Thanksgiving, but by Texas law, she had to be left in life support because she was 24 weeks pregnant. A judge ruled last week that the law does not apply since she is brain-dead and life support was withdrawn yesterday. I talked with as nurse from that hospital this morning, and she said it well: she’s torn about it, but the overwhelming feeling is of sadness. Coming back to the office, I was thinking that the last thing we need is demagoguery. This is a time to grieve, to pray for the family, and think about the life issues later. You won’t hear me say that often, but it’s such a sad and complex issue.