My Job’s Not all Bad


My job’s not all bad. Some days, I get to do really nice things.

Last Wednesday was Rose Day, the day when pro life people visit the capitol and give us roses. A friend of mine brought his newborn and then caught this candid shot of me, snuggling up to that sweet baby goodness.

  • SisterCynthia

    Aww… Yeah, that’s gotta help with the rest of the job. :)

  • pagansister

    Nothing like hugging a tiny little bundle of love. :-)

  • Manny

    Ahhh. How do I get to do that at my job?

    • Fabio Paolo Barbieri

      Become a politician, Kissing babies is part of the job, they say – and if you’re Rebecca, it;s one of the nice parts.

      • hamiltonr


      • Manny

        “Become a politician”? No thanks. :-P

  • FW Ken

    Too cute.

    Years ago, I worked in an MHMR center where the Early Childhood Intervention class traipsed past my office twice a day. Whatever I was doing, I stopped for a baby break. :-)

  • Madzi

    What a wonderful opportunity…and thanks for letting me vicariously hug my grandson in my mind’s eye.

  • Bill S

    Not to detract from the joy of holding a baby, but it is worth noting that human babies being so cute was critical for our survival as a species. Our brain has evolved to the point that we have to be born before our head gets too big to get through the birth canal. As a result, human babies are less developed and capable of survival on their own than any other creature.

    If babies were not so cute, our ancestors would not have placed so much attention on nurturing them and many more of them would have died of neglect or by infanticide and abortion.

    So. When we show so much affection for babies, we are responding to a survival instinct. We don’t really need that instinct anymore since strength in numbers is no longer what it was previously. It is apparent the way feminism has changed the perception of motherhood as a result of us no longer having to have so many offspring.

    • hamiltonr

      Bill, you really know how to bring a skunk to a birthday party. :-)

      • Bill S

        I know. What a killjoy! My wife is the positive one, not me.

        • hamiltonr

          You’ve said she’s a saint. You weren’t joking, were you? :-)

          • Bill S

            Not at all. I know what she has to endure living with me. Everything was going to be great and I go and lose my faith.

          • Fabio Paolo Barbieri

            At any rate, ALL baby animals are cute. Even tigers.

  • FW Ken

    One of my officers had a baby this morning. Ok, his wife had the baby, but he texted at 7 this morning and started this day off great. I got to work to find the women arguing about whether we should have a full shower, or just a “diaper dash”.

    You know, my friend lost her little preemie at Christmas (lungs not developed enough), but life is good. I’m close enough to being the past to love watching these babies who are the future. Sunday by Sunday I find myself grateful for all the children at Mass. Even the fussy ones. Sometimes especially the fussy ones.