Sandra Fluke Files for Congress


Here’s a little something to kick around this fine morning.

Sandra Fluke, the Georgetown student who testified before Congress about the high cost of her contraceptives, is taking her celebrity to a new level. She’s announced that she’s running for retiring Congressman Henry Waxman’s seat.

According to Breitbart, one of her opponent’s in the race will be Wendy Greuel, a former candidate for mayor of Los Angeles. According to the same Breitbart article, Ms Fluke will have the backing of “national Democrats.” If this means the full backing of the national Democratic Party machine, she will have plenty of money and professional help for the race.

I don’t care for these machine races from the national parties, no matter who the candidate is or which party is doing it.

What these nationally-funded races are, in essence, is an attempt by organized national party machines to take control of a congressional district or a senate seat or some other office for their own ends. This leads directly to the election of puppet people politicians.

It also takes the particular office away from the people of the district. The citizens of the district are nothing more to their elected representatives than numbers in polling data. Their concerns do not matter to the person elected to represent them, who will represent the interests of the national political party who put him or her in office.

It will be interesting to see if national money and fame can buy a Congressional seat for a young woman, who, according to the article I’ve referenced, does not even live in the district.

From Breitbart:

Sandra Fluke has made it official: she has filed to run for the congressional seat being vacated by Rep. Henry Waxman (D-CA) after 40 years.

The birth control advocate who shook up the 2012 presidential campaign does not live in the 33rd district, but is eligible to run for the seat. She will be facing off against local Democratic stalwart Wendy Greuel, who narrowly missed winning the Los Angeles mayor’s race last year, among others.

Fluke stirred controversy by fighting to force Georgetown Law School to offer free contraception as part of its insurance coverage for students and faculty, despite the institution’s Catholic principles. She was scheduled to be a witness called by Democrats at a congressional hearing in 2012, but was blocked by Republicans. When conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh called her a “slut”–a remark for which he later apologized–a star was born.

Immediately, Fluke became a national symbol of the Republicans’ so-called “war on women,” and campaigned for President Barack Obama. When pressed, however, she admitted knowing little about the actual low cost of birth control, and eventually enthusiasm faded to the point where she had trouble drawing crowds for rallies.

Today Fluke practices as a “social justice attorney” and has the backing of senior national Democratic figures for the seat.

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  • Theodore Seeber

    “The birth control advocate who shook up the 2012 presidential campaign does not live in the 33rd district, but is eligible to run for the seat.”

    Like with national sports, I’m pretty much against non-resident carpetbagging politicians. Does the Republican from LA live in district?

    • AnneG

      No Republicans. A whole lot of liberal and leftist Dems are thinking of running in this district. It’s along the beach and mostly the 1% liberals.

  • Darren

    Proving that at least Rush Limbaugh’s prayers are answered…

  • Dave

    I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry at this news. Any recommendations, Rebecca?

    • hamiltonr

      Dave, sometimes life is too ridiculous to even think about. :-)

      (I recommend crying and laughing, simultaneously.)

  • Rebecca Fuentes

    If she wins, she ought to send Limbaugh a thank you note.

  • SisterCynthia

    So, being insulted by Rush L. automatically means you’re qualified for public office? Man, I knew the bar was low in So. Cal, but this seems extra, extra low. ;)

  • Manny

    Of course. She was a political operative all along. In the face of Obamacare Disaster, the Democrats are going to run on cultural issues in 2014. They have no choice. Watch how they will again boo God, run on the continue slaughter of the unborn, gay marriage, drug legalization, and the patriarchal war on women, whatever that means.

  • Sus_1

    She’s backed off running for Congress. She’s going to run for the state Senate seat instead.

  • hamiltonr

    Update: Reader Sus mentioned this earlier. Sandra Fluke has withdrawn from consideration of Congressman Waxman’s seat and is now planning to run to the California State Senate.,0,7267538.story#axzz2syLkdmn9

    • FW Ken

      That makes sense: see if she can turn celebrity into political effectiveness.