Michael Voris and I Agree Again: This Time on the Press’ Mis-Quotes of the Pope

Michael Voris has put out another video that I agree with.

I don’t now if this is going to become a habit or not. I can tell you that I don’t always agree with Mr Voris. But when he steps out in the face of personal attacks against himself and supports the pope, I support him. When he works to clarify the fog of inaccurate reporting about our Holy Father, I gratefully support him.

Here’s the video and its discussion about the ways in which Pope Francis’ statements have been mis-quoted, mis-interpreted and mis-used.

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  • FW Ken

    I feel about Voris the way I feel about lots of talk radio hosts: even when I agree with them, the “spirit” is wrong. The anger and self-righteousness put me off. I was also not impressed when the archbishop of Detroit (his ecclesiastical authority) instructed him to stop identifying his organization as “Catholic” and he resorted to evasive technicalities. A lawful order from your bishop should be obeyed with humility.

    • Josh Uniewski

      I’m right there with you regarding the “spirit” at times, and I won’t disagree that he and the actual owner of the company (who lives in the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend) resorted to using a technicality to try to retain the Catholic title. However, he did (eventually) acquiesce, something other outlets (NCReporter) have refused to do.

      • FW Ken

        Thank you for the update. I didn’t know they eventually acquiesced. That’s a good thing.

        • Josh Uniewski

          Yes, the network is now known as ChurchMilitant.tv instead of RealCatholicTV.com . The prudence of that particular choice is certainly open to debate, but it does avoid sounding like the “no True Scotsman” fallacy.



          Note: I was at a Theology on Tap in Detroit almost exactly one year ago where Archbishop Vigneron was speaking. I had the pleasure of having His Excellency taking the seat next to me. The two individuals seated across from us were employees of CM.tv and very entusiastic in their faith and their work. One of them must not have known the context of the name change and in his description of his job mentioned that the place he worked had once been known as RealCatholicTV and for some reason had changed its name. Meanwhile, I was sitting next to the Archbishop cringing as I knew the whole context.

  • oregon nurse

    I found the video interesing and surprisingly calm in it’s approach for Mr. Voris. He raises some very important issues.
    1. Like it or not Pope Francis is going to speak off the cuff and without the usual Vatican “filters”.
    2. Translations of what he said in Spanish or Italian into English have been misleading, and even incomplete leading to mistaken impressions.
    3. Even the Vatican press office has been guilty of bad translations.

    So what does this mean for those of us in the English speaking world who have to deal with not only bad translations but with liberal media bias? How are we to understand Pope Francis, especially in this age of instant communication?

    • Nancy

      I wonder if the Pope, given his reforming actions, have created a quiet but deliberate pushback in the Vatican press office with the translations put out. It’s a passive-aggressive means to let those higher up know what is acceptable behavior and who has “final say”.

  • http://outsidetheautisticasylum.blogspot.com/ Theodore Seeber

    I rarely watch Voris, but his own right wing love affair with Pope Francis is a refreshing counter-example to the mass media.