President Obama and 700 of His Closest Friends are Off to See the Pope


President Obama has created a Constitutional crisis over religious freedom by aggressively using the power of his office to re-define it as a narrow “freedom to worship.” He seems proud of the moniker “most pro abortion president in history.” He has done more to destroy traditional marriage than any other living American.

Why would he want to have his photo taken with the pope?

Maybe he views himself as a sort of alter-statesman, a gee to the Holy Father’s haw, an omega to the pope’s alpha.

All I know is that the President of the United States is on his way for a photo op with the black-shoe pope who rides around in a battered up old jalopy that looks like it came from an inner city slum.

The president is arriving on his very own jet, accompanied by his entourage of 700 staff. He’ll be dressed to the nines and swoop in with his Secret Service agents, complete with mirror glasses and grim expressions.

The pope will presumably ramble over from the digs he shares with other Vatican staff and clergy after a hearty communal breakfast.

One man is the synthesis of ambition and earthly power. The other is the anti-thesis of it.

One man is considered the most powerful man on earth. The other is so gentle that small children steal his chair while he’s making a speech.

One man leads my country. The other leads me.

What will they talk about as the cameras flash?

  • oregon nurse

    Rebecca, you are often at your very best when you are being poetic.

    • hamiltonr

      Thank you.

  • SisterCynthia

    Maybe the Holy Father can give him an abbreviated version of the sermon he gave the mafia? ;) Sorry, bad joke. Well, sort of joke, sort of wish. Mercifully, it is Francis and not me who will choose his words, so I leave conversation choices in his more capable hands. :) It is a bit of a contrast, isn’t it?

  • pagansister

    Hope the visit goes well, since they are 2 of the most powerful men on the planet at the moment. :-)

    • CatholicMommy

      Funny (yet true) story: Forbes made a list of the top 50 world leaders, and Pope Francis was #1 while Obama was nowhere to be found. ;)

      • pagansister

        Is Forbes managed by Republicans? If so, that would explain a lot about their list and who was placed on it, I expect.

        • Dale

          I think the list was actually compiled by Fortune, which is part of the same conglomerate which owns CNN. Fortune explained its decision:

          “We have drawn a distinction between leaders and people who are admirable and powerful but who are not transformative leaders,” the magazine said. “Simply running a large organization or serving in an influential role does not meet the threshold to be on this list.”

          • pagansister

            Thanks Dale for that info.

  • CSmith

    I’m praying that even this President will be able to learn something of the strength of servant leadership through this meeting.

  • Theodore Seeber

    Apparently they talked about the economics of exclusion. They did it in private, but I hope the Pope talked to him about the first world exclusion of the unborn.

  • Rob B.

    “A purple robe makes emperors, but not priests…” :)

    • FW Ken

      Actually, purple in Catholic usage signifies penance, not royalty.

      • Rob B.

        I was quoting an account about the Emperor Theodosius, who was excommunicated by St. Ambrose of Milan for perpetrating a massacre at Thessalonica. It’s a great story of the Church standing up against the wrath of the state.