Russia, Ukraine, Crimea and World War III, According to Hitler.


I watched a bit of news last night in an attempt to figure out what’s happening in Ukraine.

I flipped it off because the three cable news channels I looked at (CNN, MSNBC and Fox) were each interpreting everything according to whose side they are on in America’s partisan political brawls. It was heavy on political manipulation and light on information. Worse, it was difficult to sort out which was which.

This video comes as close to explaining what is happening and what the potential problems are as anything I found on the news channels.

YouTube Preview Image

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  • SisterCynthia

    Considering his track record at home when it comes to obeying/applying laws when inconvenient to his agenda or backers, I seriously doubt that our President would honor a 20yo treaty with an Eastern European country. Heck, I’d be surprised if he’d honor our commitment to Korea, if it came to it. While I can hope he IS better than that, I see no concrete reason to believe that is the case. Unless events compel him to be. :-/

  • AnneG

    I have a friend who does ecclesiastical embroidery and teaches as well, who lives a couple blocks off the main square. She asks for our prayers for her country and for the people. She describes their desire for a responsive government not attached to Moscow. Most of the Eastern Europeans I know want the same for their countries.
    Michael Barone said this in the last paragraph of his op-ed.
    “We are told we should not mourn the transformation of a unipolar world into a multipolar world. It’s just selfish to want to see the United States as the world’s leading power. But the alternative is between a unipolar world and a zeropolar world, in which aggressive actors like Putin’s Russia, the mullahs’ Iran and Syria’s Assad can inflict tyranny, suffering and death to millions–and no one can stop or (preferably) deter them.”

  • Gordis85

    The video explained it all…I have a better understanding but wish he would continue as to what his plans are. ^^ Thanks for sharing the video, Rebecca.

  • Manny

    I haven’t seen this thought anywhere, but Putin is justifying his defense/absorption of Crimea as a state with Russian speaking people. Does anyone recall that Hitler annexed Austria and czechoslovakia on the same grounds, that they were German speaking states? WWIII is not a far stretch.

    • AnneG

      Not Austria. They joined him willingly. It was Poland and CR.