Seventh-Grader Teaches All of Us


This speech was written and presented to her 7th grade class by the little girl in this video. Maybe she needs to run for president.

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  • Bill S

    That is one severely brainwashed 12-year old. It’s not for her to judge a woman for having an abortion. She doesn’t know every woman’s particular circumstances. She will grow up to be a pro-life, anti-choice fanatic.

    • hamiltonr

      If her opinions had agreed with yours, you’d be falling over yourself with the kudos.

  • jenny

    I think that the responsibility of abortion belong to both parents: father and mother.
    Would be nice to hear this little girl giving the same speech with one change: replace the word ” mother” with ” father” .
    We may have fewer fatherless children.

  • Fabio Paolo Barbieri

    I keep telling you WHO shouls be running for President… but you’re not listening. 8-)