Seventh-Grader Teaches All of Us


This speech was written and presented to her 7th grade class by the little girl in this video. Maybe she needs to run for president.

YouTube Preview Image

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  • Bill S

    That is one severely brainwashed 12-year old. It’s not for her to judge a woman for having an abortion. She doesn’t know every woman’s particular circumstances. She will grow up to be a pro-life, anti-choice fanatic.

    • hamiltonr

      If her opinions had agreed with yours, you’d be falling over yourself with the kudos.

  • jenny

    I think that the responsibility of abortion belong to both parents: father and mother.
    Would be nice to hear this little girl giving the same speech with one change: replace the word ” mother” with ” father” .
    We may have fewer fatherless children.

  • Fabio Paolo Barbieri

    I keep telling you WHO shouls be running for President… but you’re not listening. 8-)