The Secret to a Happy and Joyful Life from the World’s Oldest Living Nun

Long life is a gift.

The gift is mostly to those of us who are blessed to spend time with these oldsters. Never think the elderly are useless. Even when they grow vague with dementia, they are our best and wisest teachers.

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  • Theodore Seeber

    I know an old lady in my church like this. Curiously she’s also named Eva. I’ve been driving her to church. Not a nun, but her kids are grown and moved away, and her husband is dead.

    Hmm, the end of that video is interesting. I had no idea that the “Happy Birthday Song” earworm had infected other nations like Italy.

  • SisterCynthia

    That made my day, thanks for sharing it. :)

  • Manny

    She looks great for 107! God bless her.

  • Marcus Maclean

    Very insightful video. I’ll be honest, I’m guilty of dismissing my elders, but as I get older I realize just how wise their advice is. Thanks, I really enjoyed this.