Good Friday


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  • Fabio Paolo Barbieri
  • FW Ken

    Glory be to Jesus
    Who in bitter pain
    Poured for me the lifeblood
    From His sacred veins.

    Grace and life eternal,
    In that blood I find.
    Blessed be His compassion
    Infinitely kind

    Blessed through endless ashes
    Be that previous stream,
    which from sin and sorrow
    Doth the world redeem.

    Oft as earth exulting
    wafts it’s praise on high,
    Angel hosts rejoicing
    Male their glad reply.

    Lift ye then your voices,
    sell the mighty flood.
    Louder still and louder
    Praise the Precious Blood.

    A very Good Friday to all.

  • Fabio Paolo Barbieri

    My aunt, my mother’s sister, died a couple of weeks ago after a long and distressing illness. A few hours before she died, she said to a fellow patient in the clinic where she was: “I have to go now, my father is calling me” – my grandfather Raffaele Fanelli, who had died fifteen years earlier. You hear a lot of stories like that. And I was reminded of it – of this strange insight of the dying,- during Mass tonight, when we came to the story of the penitent thief on the Cross. That story always struck me, because there is no logical link, no bond, between the first thing the dying thief says – “Oh, shut up. We’re here because we deserve it, but this man has done nothing wrong” – and the very next sentence – “Lord Jesus, remember me when you come to your Kingdom.” All of a sudden, in the sight of a dying villain, the dying man next to him is not just an unjustly condemned good citizen, but a King who must be expected to come to his Kingdom soon. I thought of the strange leaps of vision of the dying, and that is what I think happened to that fortunate man in the last hours of his life on this Earth.

    • hamiltonr

      Wonderful thought Fabio. Thank you.