I’m Not Feeling Politics Right Now. It’s Holy Week and I Want Jesus.


I’m not feeling politics right now.

We’ve got wars and rumors of wars over a large swath of the world. Pro life people are battling killer legislation in Colorado and corporate raiders are raiding the public treasury everywhere and in every way they can. There are runaway bishops to write about, as well as a stand up bishops who are trying to fight the fight.

We’ve got cowards, brave people and martyrs.

There is no end to the politics I could write about.

But I’m not feeling it.

What I am feeling is a deep, aching hunger for the balm of Gilead, the peace that passes all understanding, the comfort of the everlasting arms.

It’s Holy Week, and I want Jesus.

Do you ever feel the aloneness of this life? Does it weigh on you at times that we are, each of us, the heroes of our own stories, but that we don’t matter much in the great scheme of time and history?

Even great people, on whom the fulcrum of the human story turns for a while, are, as Shakespeare said, just actors on a stage that play their parts and then go on to be forgot.

How many times today have you thought about Euclid, or Elizabeth I, or Franklin Roosevelt? When was the last time George Washington or Robert E Lee crossed your mind?

These people made us what we are. The 300 who died at Themopylae, provided a gasp of time that allowed the Greeks to win the war and save Western civilization in its seed. But what are their names to us now?

I am not writing this to convince you that Solomon was right when he moaned “Vanity, vanity, all is vanity.” Because he wasn’t right.

What he was expressing is the hopelessness of a world that ends at the grave, where the good we do is washed away by the harm we do and the harm we do is accounted to us without mercy forever.

Solomon was describing a world without second chances and without transcendent hope. Eat, drink and be merry he told us, for all is vanity. Nothing we do matters. We are but a passing vapor.

That is life without Christ. It is a futile, hopeless round of good times, bad times and diversions that end in dust and nothing. If we are animals in a world where the biggest and the meanest make all the rules and winning and triumphing over one another is the only thing, then life itself is both cheap and useless.

What does it matter if we exploit the weak and reduce their lives to suffering, poverty and shame? Why is there any reason to object when we kill the innocent for our convenience?

After all, we are just animals, animated things, who are passing through and then will be no more. In a world without transcendence and forgiveness, anything is possible except peace.

I’m not feeling politics right now, because politics is, like all our other human endeavors, doomed to fail as an answer and an antidote for our hopelessness. There is no balm, no peace, no second chance, without Christ.

It is as simple as that. Only Jesus Christ and His Passion, His suffering, His willingness to bring ultimate transcendence into our world and our lives by taking on our finiteness, can open the door for us to more than the nothing we are without Him.

Christ not only saves us from our fallenness and offers us eternal life, He redeems the dailiness of our lives and the bottomless despair of ultimate meaningless of which Solomon spoke.

Instead of a plaintive cry that “all is vanity,” we are lifted by the sacrifice of Calvary onto a level of existence where everything we do matters in the halls of eternity.

Even the birds of the air fall under God’s loving eye. The hairs of our heads are numbered in His sight. We are not just animated things, carrion flesh waiting to rot. We are eternal beings, made in the image and likeness of the God who breathed all existence into existence with a single word.

I’m not feeling politics right now. I’m feeling a deep yearning for Jesus. I am longing for the balm, the peace, the hope that lies on the other side of Calvary.

But first, I must traverse the painful path of Holy Week. I need, to the bottom of my sin-sick soul, to walk the ugly path of human shame that is the crucifixion. We killed God. We murdered our Creator. We lied about, tortured, mocked, shamed and did our best to destroy the only Hope we have.

The ultimate stain on humankind was also its salvation. We murdered God, and He used that act of damning depravity to redeem us from ourselves.

Politics is one of our pitiful attempts to transcend our fallen state. But, given our fallen state, politics always becomes corrupted by our venalities and cowardices. I’ve written about the cowardly acts of men in high places quite a bit these past two weeks. The truth is, I have more than a passing acquaintance with the weaknesses of princes.

But nothing I have known can touch the combination of cowardice and cold-blooded corruption that led to the final sacrifice of the last Passover Lamb.

We need to bow down before the cross this week. It is, as Scripture says, the Lord’s Passover. It is the door opening on the way out. The cross is the price of our sins. It is the Lord’s ultimate Passover by which we are saved from the absolute and final death that we deserve.

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  • http://outsidetheautisticasylum.blogspot.com/ Theodore Seeber

    I just unfriended Mark Shea for this very reason.

    • hamiltonr

      Be kind to Mark, Ted. This is a difficult time for him.

      • http://outsidetheautisticasylum.blogspot.com/ Theodore Seeber

        I understand that it is, but his rant had become rather irrational. He’s always at his limit of facebook friends anyway, so I took his invitation today that anybody not believing his anti-secessionist rant should just leave.

        • margaret1910

          Oh, Theodore, he has just lost his mother. Surely he deserves all of our love and prayers?

  • http://ashesfromburntroses.blogspot.com/ Manny

    “Politics is one of our pitiful attempts to transcend our fallen state.”
    Funny, I thought politics was a result of our fallen state. I see it as a necessary evil. The crises in Ukraine is horrible. Unfortunately we have to bite the bullet and send troops. It’s the only way. But we won’t.

    • hamiltonr

      Good point Manny.

      I thought politics was a result of our fallen state.”

    • FW Ken

      Manny, the definition of politics I use (not original to me, btw) is that it’s a group of people making decisions. There are dirty politics, of course, which would relate to our fallen state. But otherwise, is just group decision-making.

  • FW Ken

    We are usually granted of at noon on Good Friday, and a favorite thing to do is go sit in the cathedral. Devoid of the Blessed Sacrament and the oils, is just a stone building filled with emptiness, which does a great deal to remind me of the Presence which is Absent. I used to do the Stations, but lately I’ve just sat.

    Maybe this sounds stupid, but I’ve found it’s good preparation for the rest of the Triduum, which culminates in the Resurrection, and Jesus with us forever. The longing of our hearts is not a bad thing. Keeping watch with him in the tomb is sad and lonely, but only a prelude.

    • hamiltonr

      That’s beautiful Ken. I’ve noticed the same thing. After the Host is removed on Holy Thursday, you can feel it. The sanctuary is just an empty room.

  • Rob B.

    Ms. Hamilton, your prayers have met with a favorable response in Colorado. SB175 is dead:


    All praise to the True King, Lord Jesus Christ!

    • hamiltonr

      I heard about it Rob. It is wonderful! Thank you for the link.

  • pagansister

    HAPPY EASTER, Rebecca and to all who post here.

    • hamiltonr

      Thank you, my friend.

    • FW Ken

      Hey, hey, hey… I’m still enjoying Holy Thursday. Let’s not rush things. ;-)

      • pagansister

        I didn’t want to post my wish too late—I figure a little early isn’t a bad thing. :-) So pretend I posted today. :-)