Boko Haram Leader Takes Credit for Abducting School Girls. Says They are His Slaves and He will Sell Them.

Cameroonian Soldiers Kill 180 Boko Haram Insurgents in Gunfight

Who funds Boko Haram? 

“They are slaves and I will sell them because I have the market to sell them.”

Those are the words of Abubakar Shekau, leader of Boko Haram.

Mr Shekau was talking about the large number of high school girls that his followers abducted April 15 from their school after a firefight with government troops.

He recently released a video in which he takes responsibility for the mass abduction and says the students “will remain slaves with us.”According to a Fox News article that statement is a reference to the jihadi custom of enslaving women captured in a holy war, who then can be used as sex slaves. Mr Shekau threatened to attack more schools and take additional girls in the same video.

Reports had emerged before the video was released that Boko Haram had forced some the girls to marry after being sold for a bride price of $12.

Two of the girls are said to have died of snakebite and 20 others are reported to be ill. The Christian girls have been forced to convert to Islam.

Protesters all over Nigeria have expressed anger at the government’s failure to find the abducted girls. President Jonathan Goodluck issued a statement Sunday night saying that his administration is doing everything possible (to find the girls.)

Boko Haram gunmen raided a Cameroonian police unit that is near the Nigerian border today. They killed a police officer and freed one of their jailed comrades.

From Fox News:

An Islamic extremist leader has threatened to sell the 276 teenage girls his terror group abducted from a school in northeast Nigeria three weeks ago.

In a videotape screened by the Associated Press Monday, Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau claimed responsibility for the April 15 kidnappings for the first time. He also threatened to attack more schools and take additional girls.

“I abducted your girls,” said the leader of Boko Haram, which means “Western education is sinful.”

He described the girls as “slaves” and said “By Allah, I will sell them in the marketplace.” The hour-long video starts with fighters lofting automatic rifles and shooting in the air as they chant “Allahu akbar!” or “God is great.”

  • FW Ken

    The news tonight said that the girls would be sold for wives. In this context, that’s basically slavery.

    The avowed goal of Boko Haram had been to destabilize, and ultimately overthrow Nigerian society. They seem to have found a good way to do that.

  • pagansister

    What can one actually say about this whole situation except it is horrible and what those girls (and their families) are going through is worse than horrible! That group is obviously not afraid of anyone or anything. I think international pressure has now entered the situation, but I’m not certain that will help. As the article has mentioned, girls have already been sold and some have died. What are the chances of getting any of them back?

  • Manny

    What is the United Nations good for? Here they have diaster and genocide across the planet, continual muslim slaughter of Christians, and they are trying to say the Catholic Church endorses and promotes torture? When i saw this this morning I flipped:

    As far as i’m concerned I’m through defending the United Nations. I hereby join the group that supports dismantling it. It’s time the United Nations were disbanded.

    • hamiltonr

      I’ve been meaning to write about this but have been too busy to sit down and think it through. I agree Manny. It is outrageous — on several levels.

    • FW Ken

      I’m of two minds about this. Yes, it’s pretty worthless. Sometimes more then worthless. Did you hear they put Iran on a commission for the status of women?

      On the other hand, there is always “keep your friends close and your enemies closer. We have them in Turtle Bay and can watch them closely.

      • Manny

        I know. That was basically how I thought too. But this morning pushed me over the top. It costs an arm and a leg to run and they are pushing for some world government on top of their agenda. No, the negatives now outweigh the positives.

  • Theodore Seeber

    It’s been an extremely long time since I read the Koran. Can anybody give me the sura for “using jihadi kidnap victims as sex slaves”? I’m sure it’s in there (it’s in the Bible as well, in one of the battles with the Cananites) but I can’t place it.