Pray with Pope Francis. Pray His Prayer Intention for January.

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons.
Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Pope Francis’ Prayer Intention for January will probably challenge at least a few of American Catholics.

The Holy Father is asking us to pray for dialogue with those who differ from them. I have a feeling that will challenge more than one American Catholic. We have become so angry and divided that many Catholics will be unwilling to even ask for peace with our neighbors. In fact, I won’t be surprised if a few of them become angry with the Pope for suggesting that we pray for such a thing.

Rather than run away from what our Holy Father has to say because it makes us uncomfortable and challenges us to reach out to other people, we need to take it to heart. Pray the Pope’s Prayer Intention for January. Pray for increased dialogue between and among people of different faiths.

Sitting down to talk to one another certainly sounds better than shooting at one another. Unlikely as that might seem, nothing is impossible with God

The Holy Father is exactly right. We are all children of the same God.

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