Friday Cat

1004014_10151672181964411_1065531221_nYou might not believe me, but this is our FULL GROWN CAT. He’s tiny, and he weighs almost nothing, even though he eats like a DOG. He is inept at hunting, because he just runs and jumps at birds without bothering to hide himself, but that’s fine with me, because the birds here are exceptional in their beauty, and it would make me sad if he was slaughtering them.

And he is just about the sweetest little cat you could ever want to meet.Which, for those of you who hate cats, means very little. But he comes when he’s called by name, and he’ll sit in your lap and purr whenever you need a little cat-cuddle.

Tell me: have you ever heard of a petite variety of cat? Is it a special ‘mutation’? Should I start a breed of mini-cats?

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