My Top 5 Books on The Body

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The September print issue of Christianity Today has my recommendations for the ‘top 5′ books on the body. It was really hard to pick only five, but here they are. They’re diverse: some are about sex, some are about food, some are explicitly focused on Christian belief and behavior, some are totally secular.

All come highly recommended by yours truly.

(Click for the full list at Christianity Today.)

Clothing sizes are arbitrary. Stop fretting over them.
Once Upon a Time, We Knew How To Die: Katy Butler's Astonishing New Book
God Has Given You Good Gifts. Learn to Love Them Well.
Why a former exotic dancer says its not up to Christians to say "go and sin no more."
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  • Beth M

    Very interesting! I haven’t read any of those, and I’m particularly interested to read the Born Again Bodies.

    I wrote this list on my own blog last year about books that changed my view of the body, and have read plenty of other feminist literature about women, food and eating. My list is not as scholarly as yours, or as Christian.

    Thanks for new reading material. – Beth