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Ultimate Blasphemy!

Lilandra here.According to the Bible, the ultimate, unpardonable blasphemy is rejecting the Holy Spirit. Apparently, rejecting the imperceptible and undetectable is unforgivable. Are you Unforgiven II?httpv:// … [Read more...]

On Atheist Warm Fuzzies

By LilandraI suspect atheists experience less warm, fuzzy moments than theists.  A lot of us are philosophically opposed to something like bowing our heads with family, and friends in prayer before we break bread.  A skeptical mind can be quite the buzz-kill to believer fellowship activities.  In real life, I sense that I make religious acquaintances, friends, and family uncomfortable when I won’t at least bow my head when they are praying thanking an invisible deity for food.However as a … [Read more...]

The Black Knight always triumphs!

Now that Pastor Bob Enyart has failed to defend a single one of the laughable claims he made while I was on his show, after admitting that he hadn't even read the rebuttals he was supposed to respond to, and despite being unable to disprove me on any point therein either, I suppose it is no surprise that he claims victory in our debate.  It obviously doesn't matter that everyone who actually read that debate  says otherwise. here [above] is my d … [Read more...]

Are atheists really good without “god”

By LilandraOf course we are. Then how could it be possible for Atheism plus social justice issues to possibly divide atheists? If atheism is simply restricted to a non-belief in God/s like some apparently orthodox atheists are insisting, then where does morality originate?  God?  Of course not! Morality has to be intrinsic, and undiluted by wanting an external favor or reward in return. There can be no eternal paradise in reward for keeping the covenant-giver’s commandments.So the popular C … [Read more...]

Offerings to the atheist dictionary

It seems to me that the rational and the irrational apply very different meanings to many of the same words.  Thus we talk past each other.  For the purpose of clarification, I submit my understanding and application of many of the words that are most relevant to our contrasted positions.Legend: An unverified story handed down from earlier times, especially one popularly believed to be historical.Parable: a story which is not based on fact, but narrated as if it were actually so, for … [Read more...]

Ray vs Ra just wanna promote our debate this Monday night on … [Read more...]

What I think about Atheism +

Over the last week or so, several people have asked me to comment on Atheism(+).  I don't always know if they're trying to find out what it is, or if they just want to know how I feel about it.  Today someone sent me a message which made that very clear.  He(?) described himself as a rational skeptic and a liberal progressive who supports policies to minimize abusive behavior in conventions and so on, just like me.  He also expressed some concerns which I had [until recently] myself:"My core go … [Read more...]

Light the Night

Every autumn, I get involved in a few charities.  There is DPR's BlogTV 24-hour charity for MSF -which is on right now.  On November 18th, I'll be riding in the Motorcops for kids motorcycle run, which I haven't done since the 2009 run.  Usually Skepticon is on the same weekend, but that's on the previous weekend this year.  Between now and then, due to a special request from Todd Stiefel, I'll be doing this: … [Read more...]

“God” Really Doesn’t Need Anyone’s Money

By Lilandra, the Mrs. RaHow many former believers remember being told that their money already belonged to god anyways?  Heck, he apparently had enough lucre lying around to pave his streets with gold. Prosperity gospel preachers encourage their followers to give to god as if he is like a usurious, heavenly banker. They promise he just wants you to trust him; then he will return your money with interest.Despite logical holes you could drive a truck through, like why would a god need … [Read more...]

Diss Comfort

A couple years ago, Ray Comfort tried to get Richard Dawkins to debate him.  I am convinced that he did this only to try to make himself seem more important than he could ever be otherwise.  Dawkins wasn't generous enough to give Ray that much undeserved credibility.  So I posted a challenge to Ray myself.Of course he ignored me, but it generated some positive interest on the web.  Yahoo.Answers even posted the question, Who would win in a debate between Aronra and Ray Comfort?  Well it l … [Read more...]