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Lookout, it’s projecting!

This weekend, I'm happy to say I'll be giving a lecture at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. I plan to explain what Texas deems 'essential knowledge and skills' regarding instruction on evolution, as it is introduced -even to home school students- at the high school level.Now why is a factual education so much better than politicized pseudoscience propaganda? Just today I saw the answer to that question beautifully-illustrated by an overtly hostile vitriolic reactionary blog, posted by … [Read more...]

Houston demonstration against creationism, 1st weekend in August

Update: Kathy Miller, president of the Texas Freedom Network, (who was featured in the movie, The Revisionaries) will join the rest of us at the Houston Museum of Natural Science on Sunday August 4th for Answers In Science.It's a seminar to counter the claims of creationism being made by Ken Ham of answersingenesis to the Texas Homeschool Coalition on the same weekend. Ham still does not acknowledge the debate he retreated from, (mentioned in the preceding blog post) but he has warned … [Read more...]

The sudden suspicious silence of answersingenesis

To recap: My wife Lilandra found out that Ken Ham will be lying to the Texas Home-school Coalition on August 1st thru 3rd. She being a former creationist and now a science teacher, expressed her concerns about that. Ham heads answersingenesis, a disingenuous pseudoscience propaganda site that is listed as one of the top ten worst anti-science websites. It is a multimillion-dollar anti-science propaganda mill built entirely on distorted data, factless frauds, and deliberate deception. Obviously … [Read more...]

The only minority Juror B29 leaves justice for Trayvon up to god.

As if the George Zimmerman acquittal is not galling enough already. I wonder if there was a secular jury, if we would have had the same result? At least they wouldn't be pointing to an invisible deity hoping to absolve themselves of responsibility for justice for Trayvon Martin. And I quote..."George Zimmerman got away with murder, but you can't get away from God. And at the end of the day, he's going to have a lot of questions and answers he has to deal with," Maddy said. "[But] the law … [Read more...]

Tonight on Dogma Debate

I found out on Friday afternoon that Rachel Brown and I were to run this week's episode of Dogma Debate, because Smalley will be out-of-town. I wanted to line up a couple of science-heavy guests that she and I would like to talk to, but there just wasn't enough advanced notice to set that up. Oh well. Maybe some pseudo-science weirdo will call in wanting to argue. … [Read more...]

The March of Reason, part 3 of 5

A couple months ago, I blogged about the first two episodes of a five-part documentary series called 'The March of Reason'. Well, the 3rd part of that set was just made available. … [Read more...]

The Asian Panel at FTBCon has spawned a group for Secular Asian Americans

Our panel was composed of East and South Asians, and Hemant Mehta joked we were the only Asian freethinkers. We wondered why we didn't see more Asian faces active in the freethinking movement. Yau Man Chan's theory is that culturally many Asians don't want to rock the boat, and prefer to keep their heads down. Many may not want to clash publically, and put themselves out there opposing theism.  It was a great discussion, we had a great panel in addition to the people we already mentioned with … [Read more...]

Atheist Ink II, defiant quotation

Another atheist chimed in to show off his tat, and I'm happy to share it. … [Read more...]

Wretched behavior

The FtBConscience conference happened to be on our 5th wedding anniversary, so the wife and I talked about how we met, and how we inspired each other’s activism. She's a science teacher, so we have a common enemy in the creationist camp, and we talked a bit about our history with that too. I'm glad she's finally stepped in front of the camera and has become more vocal on blogs and so on. despite all my public appearances, speeches, various … [Read more...]

Where are the Asian Faces of Freethought?

This quote from John Xu...“I have often remarked how little interest people of my ethnicity have for secularist and freethought issues. My theory is that this is because they are the product of very complicated and difficult social, political, and intellectual turmoils of the 20th Century. Most Chinese people I know are brought up with a single-minded concern about generating wealth and a general apathy about philosophical matters. This is likely because their parents lived through such hard ti … [Read more...]