CrossFit 90 Day Challenge – The End

The 90 day challenge ended a week ago. We still don’t know the winners yet (I think I’m probably 2nd), but I know that no matter the final standings…I’ve won.

 When I started this thing back in April, I had 29% body fat, terrible eating habits, was a size 14, and had high blood pressure.

Three months later and my body fat is 22% and going down, my diet is vastly improved, I’m a loose size 10, and my blood pressure is on the lower side of normal. Most importantly to me, I like my body again. I stand taller and walk straighter. I don’t feel like the frumpy mom in the room. I feel like the strong mom in the room.

I began this challenge to win a little money and have some motivation to keep me in going to the gym. After not missing a single class in 3 months, I’m hooked. I love the people and I love the way I feel. This has become my gift to myself.

I never could have imagined what a gift I was giving myself by joining a CrossFit gym.I thought it was about being skinny. Now I know that it was always about rediscovering me along the way.

I can’t wait to see where I am in another 90 days.

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