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Around the Blogosphere

Pew Forum has a lengthy interview with Andrew Newberg about religion and neuroscience. There are also articles by him available online. Mystical Seeker ponders the universe in all its unfolding creativity. Scot McKnight wrestles with the impression one can get from the Bible that God is a bully. NT Wrong blogs about the God of [Read More…]


Well, at some point when I wasn’t looking, the number of hits on my blog passed 100,000 and even passed 101,000 before I noticed. This is the number of hits since I moved my blog from its old location to Blogger back in June of 2007. Thanks to everyone who has visited, is visiting now, [Read More…]

Clarity and Criticism

Some of my students this semester were unhappy that I made comments about the ways in which they expressed themselves in English. Here are some quotes from assignments I received this semester. I’d welcome input from anyone, but in particular other professors, about the standard of student English in our time, whether I’m too fussy [Read More…]

Sticking Up For The Sadducees

Sadducees get a bad rap. If one attended Sunday school, one probably learned that as they didn’t believe in an afterlife, they were “sad you see” (which sounds like Sadducee). We only know about the Sadducees from their critics (or at the very least those who disagreed with them): Josephus is probably the least negative [Read More…]

Random Acts Of Unkindness

Below is the text of an e-mail that made it through the spam filter of not one but two of my e-mail accounts. Anyone who thinks that someone they don’t know will be contacting them to give them someone else they don’t know’s inheritance needs to have their head examined. Yes, this is a scam, [Read More…]

Conversations Around the Blogosphere

Dan was kind enough to share his skeptical account of his own religious experience. Iyov has joined in the conversation (indirectly). Chuck Blanchard has not only joined in our ongoing conversation about progressive Christianity and metaphor, but also directs readers to a blog I hadn’t encountered before, which discusses Wright and Bultmann on the resurrection. [Read More…]

Continuing the Conversation with Cylons

The conversation continues, drawing in more and more participants. Barefoot Bum is suspicious of the metaphorical interpretation of religion – he is an atheist who appreciates poetry and metaphor, and even psychological experiences that may be described as mystical, but wonders whether this is not just a “wedge” to get claims about traditional theistic concepts [Read More…]

What Is Ultimate?

The conversation has been joined by Abnormal Interests, who views the language of religion as extra baggage that makes the trip less enjoyable. Now as someone who has lugged multiple pieces of very heavy luggage on trips from one country to another, I definitely don’t want to drag along unnecessary dead weight – it does [Read More…]

The Continuing Bloggersation

Larry Moran has said he gets what I’m saying, but it is just the old argument from experience. But I think there is a difference. I’m not claiming to have experienced aliens or other beings within the world that he’s never seen and has no evidence of. I’m claiming to experience the universe we inhabit [Read More…]

Avant Garde Christianity

To some, the notion of “avant garde Christianity” sounds like a contradiction in terms. Isn’t Christianity about “telling the old old story”, they might ask. But this is really no different than those who respond to avant garde music by saying “You call that music?” and those who respond to a canvas filled with abstract [Read More…]