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I’m Honored!

NT Wrong recently made a list of bibliobloggers and ranked them, and listed me as #1. I am puzzled and perplexed, honored and overwhelmed, touched, bemused, bewildered and just a tad overwhelmed! Thank you for bestowing this honor upon me! May your own blog speedily rise 14 ranks! To put this in perspective, let me [Read More…]

Cosmos, Nature, Culture: A Transdisciplinary Conference

There is a call for papers for the Metanexus conference “Cosmos, Nature, Culture: A Transdisciplinary Conference” to be held in Phoenix, Arizona, July 18 – 21, 2009. Those academics who are interested in the relationship between religion and science should definitely take a look. [Read more…]

Around the Blogosphere

Stephen Law and AIG Busted continue the discussion of the historicity of Jesus (and Fred Anderson considers Robert Price on both Jesus and Superboy). Pisteuomen wants bibliobloggers to meet in Boston in November. Antiquitopia continues reading the socialist Bible. Drew Tatusko wishes you a Biblical “trick or treat”. Bible Films Blog has an entry on [Read More…]

Hubble’s Back!

Bad Astronomy points out the return of good astronomy, as Hubble comes back online and gives us this photo: Elsewhere around the blogosphere, Sandwalk responds to John Pieret about naturalism and God, while Michael Bird notes that the Carrier-O’Connell debate about the resurrection has begun online. [Read more…]

Around the Blogosphere

The discussion of whether Jesus existed has spread to C.Orthodoxy. Experimental Theology discusses the existence of Hobbes. Jason explains why you should vote – especially if your name is [insert name here]. Scotteriology explains why Barack Obama should be viewed as the Lord’s anointed one. Jesus Creed discusses racism in Christian theology. NT Wrong explains [Read More…]


Exploring Our Matrix just passed the 200,000 visitors mark. Thank you for visiting! [Read more…]

Historical Arguments and Skepticism

I’ve been having quite the interaction on this blog recently about the historical evidence for the existence of Jesus. More recently, Stephen Law has joined in and responded to me on his own blog. I know there are a lot of readers of this blog with some background in historical study including several who work [Read More…]

Around the Blogosphere

Michael Barber has a great quote from B. F. Streeter on form criticism. Deepak Chopra may be worth quoting on the subject of the upcoming election. The Austringer tells us what we can do to help support science education in Texas and warns of more Discovery Institute misinformation. NT Wrong separates bibliobloggers into liberal and [Read More…]

Dreaming about LOST

Last night I dreamt I was on the island. Behind everything that was going on there was an artificially intelligent computer. I don’t think my subconcious mind managed to contribute anything to unravelling the mysteries of LOST. A student of mine, on the other hand, is making better progress. He started watching only recently on [Read More…]

Did Jesus Exist On YouTube

OK, I admit it, a better title would be ‘”Did Jesus Exist?” on YouTube’. Be that as it may, I decided to upload a video addressing some of the points that I’ve been trying to make in recent discussions on this blog and elsewhere about the historical evidence for the existence of Jesus. Here’s the [Read More…]