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Monotheism Meeting?

I was just talking with someone currently doing research on John’s Christology and Jewish monotheism, and the thought occurred to me that it might be useful for a bunch of us who are interested in this subject to meet up for lunch one day at SBL. Anyone interested? Any specific days that you’d prefer? If [Read More…]

Soodo Nym Update

I know some readers of this blog have been following and/or interested in the recent discussions and legal actions related to a blogger who went by the pseudonym Soodo Nym, and who turned out to be Butler student Jess Zimmerman. The faculty at Butler University were notified today that as of yesterday the legal action [Read More…]

Got a Match?

Here’s a classic from Chick Corea and the Elektric Band to get your morning started. I saw them live once, and this piece (“Got a Match?”) is one of my favorites from that period. [Read more…]

Harry Potter

I finished reading the last of the Harry Potter books with my son this evening. He’d read them all before at some point, although he was younger then and so I’m not sure he got or remembered everything. I’d already heard about some of the religious themes – a quote from the Bible, self-sacrifice and [Read More…]

Education and Evolution

I may when I have more time say more about Russ Pulliam’s second piece on evolution and faith. The main thing that disturbs me is that he envisages a hypothetical scenario in which one chooses institutions of higher education based on the grade you’ll get for already thinking as you do. If I didn’t think [Read More…]

The Guild Of Biblical Musicalists

For the past few years when I’ve arrived at the Psalms section of my class on the Bible, I’ve shared a couple of examples of psalms in popular music: “By The Rivers Of Babylon” by Boney M and “40” by U2. I usually end the class with a song that segues nicely into the next [Read More…]

An Infinite God vs. An Infinite Maker of Infinite Numbers of Gods

I’ve never understood the appeal of the notion of a multiverse for atheists. It substitutes, in place of an infinite God, an inexplicable mechanism capable of producing an infinite number of universes. Among those universes, presumably one has Jesus spontaneously rise from the dead (in an infinite universe or multiverse, everything however improbable happens eventually). [Read More…]

Taking Darwin On Faith 2

Not long ago I responded to a piece in our local paper, the Indianapolis Star, by Russ Pulliam, entitled “Taking Darwin On Faith“. Pulliam has now published a follow-up opinion piece, in which I get a mention. I’ve offered a brief reply in the comments section. [Read more…]

Is It Better To View Jesus’ Prediction as Trite or Mistaken?

Today we’ll be tackling the subject of the “kingdom of God” in my historical Jesus class. It is important to survey the breadth of usages to which this terminology is put both in the Judaism of Jesus’ time and in early Christian sources. Obviously one key text is Mark 9:1 and parallels. There Jesus is [Read More…]

Final Notice? I Can Only Hope

A while back I mentioned a Who’s Who organization (most of which are scams) that seemed to be targeting academics. Today I got another e-mail from the same source, claiming that this is my “final notice.” I can only hope this is true. I suspect that most academics are wise enough to notice when an [Read More…]