If You Are Seeing Truncated Posts in Your Feed, Please Read This

I’m grateful to commenter Brian for pointing out that some folks have been seeing truncated posts in their subscriptions to the feed from this blog. If that is the case for you, you probably chose to “follow” this blog back when it was on Blogger, and the feed that you subscribed to that way has been customized to show truncated posts.

If you would like to get complete posts in your feed reader, just add this feed to your reader:


That should sort out the problem. If it doesn’t, let me know!

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  • rmwilliamsjr

    thanks. it did work.

  • Great!

  • cameronhorsburgh

    Does that trick work for all Patheos blogs?

    • It won’t provide a full feed if they have the blog’s main feed set to give just a preview. I understand why some bloggers set it that way – precisely in the hope of having more people actually click through and thus register a pageview on the blog. I, on the other hand, know that a lot of times I don’t click through to a blog when I might well have read the full post if it was in the RSS feed, simply due to constraints of time and convenience. And I would rather have more people reading more of what I write!

      Then again, sometimes I wonder whether there are people who actually prefer the preview, since it makes it easier to “fast forward” past posts that you aren’t interested in reading?

      But anyway, the short answer is “yes” if the issue is due to being subscribed by following on Blogger, but “no” if the blogger has the feed set to the default setting of truncating posts.

  • cameronhorsburgh

    I prefer the full text. I don’t necessarily read it all, but if I have the full text in front of me I can decide within a paragraph or two whether I want to read the whole thing or not. I’ll normally only click through if I want to read the comments.

    If the preview isn’t long enough for me to decide whether or not I’m interested enough to click through (as often happens on Patheos blogs—I’m looking at you, Scot McKnight and Roger Olson!) I’ll just keep driving.

    That said, I do a lot of my feed reading via Reeder (a Google Reader client) on my iPhone. It uses the ‘Readability’ service to give the full text of a post, which essentially becomes a ‘click-through lite.’

    The other interesting thing I’ve seen is the BioLogos feed—it gives a true summary, not just the first few dozen words. I click through far more frequently there, simply because I know I’m going to be interested in the article.