Top Posts of 2011

2011 saw the move of this blog to Patheos and the transfer of the archives of older posts from the blog’s old home on Blogger. A retrospective seems to be in order, as the end of my first (partial) year at Patheos draws near.

I won’t list top 10s, but will instead mention a few highlights.

The post with the most visits was by far the one that went viral recently, in which I shared a picture someone made of two adorable bunnies putting together a puzzle: “Thinking Outside the Box: The Cutest Response to Creationism Ever.” That post alone received more than 100,000 pageviews.

After that, most people came to the main blog page and so may have read any number of posts on such occasions. Other popular posts included ones on creationism, such as “Why Is Ken Ham Believed?”

Humorous posts also got a lot of visits, such as “The Best Exam Answer Ever”

Also high up in the top ten, and the highest ranking older content, was a post which has always been popular ever since it first appeared at my blog’s old location: my solution to the problem of getting a black screen after login on Windows Vista.

One of my posts was the number one post taken up by the Christian Century blog network, “Inerrancy of the Bible and Sarah Palin.”

The post with the most comment activity might be expected to be  “An Example of How Answers in Genesis Does Violence to the Bible, and Not Just Science” with its 460 comments as of my writing this post.

But in fact, an earlier one about mythicism, discussing the evidence for a historical Earl Doherty, received an ever greater number of comments – more than 600!

Among the most common search keywords to bring people here have been “keep the han in hanukkah“, “isomorphic algorithms ” and “lost explained.”

Also, back in September I hosted the Biblical Studies Carnival. It seems like such a long time ago!

Which were your favorite posts on Exploring Our Matrix this year, and why?

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