Correction – Groundhog!

I mentioned once before that I was pretty sure that I had spotted a beaver in my neighbor's yard, near the creek. Today the animal in question came into my yard and stayed long enough that I could get photos of it – and I also had another witness. It is always nice when you learn that you were not hallucinating…but as a commenter on this post identified, it was a groundhog/woodchuck, not a beaver. I look forward to providing prognostication services regarding the end of winter on my blog in the not too distant future! In the mean time, here are a couple of the photos I took.


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  • Straw Man

    I’m virtually certain that’s a woodchuck. See:

    • James F. McGrath

      Thanks so much! I have updated the post to reflect your identification.
      (I’m not originally from a part of the world where one regularly encountered either woodchucks or beavers).

  • Chris Heard

    I still think you’re hallucinating. Just not the woodchuck.

  • Bruce Gerencser

    Yep, that is a woodchuck,aka groundhog, just like the ones that wander though our yard every so often.

  • Christine M. Grote

    I wondered the same thing at our house in reverse. I got a photo of the back of a critter. I thought it was a groundhog, but some of my readers thought it might be a beaver. It’s tail was a little wider and flatter than I remember seeing before. We live on a hill above a creek. What do you think?

    • James F. McGrath

      I think it looks like a beaver, but I am no expert!