Farewell to The Old Reader

It sounds as though the enterprising individuals who created The Old Reader didn’t anticipate just how popular their creation would be, and just how much work it would take to maintain it.

And so they will be eliminating their public site and most of the accounts soon.

And so once again, I find myself in need of a replacement for my current RSS feed reader.

This was my last, best hope at having an RSS reader which was accessible through a web browser, allowed me to organize and prioritize feeds conveniently, and share select items with those who wish to see what I share.

Any suggestions for where to turn next? I know I am not the only one needing to find a replacement for their replacement for Google Reader.


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  • hardindr

    I use https://bazqux.com . It isn’t perfect, but it works. I think it cost $10 USD per year for the service.

  • Peter Kirk

    Feedly is working well for me. They made some changes to the original format to make it look more like Google Reader.

  • Eric

    Feedly is working well for me too. I’m waiting for Reeder to update their apps for seamless syncing between devices.

  • MrErr

    just another vote for feedly. It is what i use.

  • I use feedly too – just fine

  • Sherry McCameron Peyton

    I moved to Feedly last week when they went down. I still had my imported Google list, so I was able to fairly quickly enter that and then when the Old Reader came back up Sunday or whenever it was, I transferred the rest. Feedly is working quite well, and mostly I like it already better than TOR. There are others of course, but Feedly gives me the options I like, and you can set it up in the manner that is most comfortable. I finally did something before it broke completely! lol

  • Feedly works great.

  • Bummer! I don’t care for Feedly.

  • I use inoreader.com. (Came to this entry through it.) It’s entirely web based. I did use Feedly for a while, but found their iOS app to be unacceptable. I’m also keeping an eye on the Digg reader, which appears to be getting progressively better.

    • KRS

      I started using inoreader last week. It looks almost exactly like Google Reader and has very similar social features.

  • Jessica Harmon

    Feedly’s just been getting better and better for me. At first I didn’t like the Android app, but now I like it better than the original Google Reader app. The browser version was updating slowly, but even that seems to have sped up. It’ll share links to the various social networks, but I normally click through to share things.

  • J.T.

    I liked Feedly best of all the suggested replacements to begin with, and it’s only gotten better since then.

  • Brian Small

    I use Feedly. I think the interface is bland and the advance feature is a little odd (it refreshes the page rather than advance to the next post), but other than those two quibbles, Feedly has worked well. It aggregates feeds faster than The Old Reader. The Old Reader also sometimes aggregated feeds that were days, months, or even years old, which was odd. So, I stopped using it and have gone with Feedly as my regular reader.

  • Dan

    AOL Reader has been my Google Reader replacement of late. Feedly just didn’t do it for me.

  • Jos

    On the web I use Feedly, and on my smartphone gReader (android) which connects to it using Feedly Cloud service.

  • Brad Matthies

    Try Feedly. I made the switch a few months back and it’s great. You have a web-based view with categories, apps, and it plays well with Buffer. http://cloud.feedly.com

  • Interesting. The Old Reader has back up since August 3.