Church of Latte-a-Day Saints

Today's Bizarro is a gem. The irony is that coffee drinking characterizes much of Christianity – some drink good coffee, some drink a weak decaffeinated imitation – but Mormons, whose name is punned in the cartoon, do not drink the stuff at all.

There's been an ongoing discussion on the theme “Are Mormons Christians?” at Patheos. Coffee drinking is a distinguishing factor that hasn't come up yet, as far as I'm aware…


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  • Gerald Donnelly

    Hi, James!

    I was under the impression that Mormons don’t drink coffee. However, the actual
    guidelines” were clarified this year on Aug. 29. On that date, the LDS church posted a statement on its website saying that “the church does not prohibit the use of caffeine” and that the faith’s health-code reference to “hot drinks” “does not go beyond (tea and coffee).”

    See here:

    • James F. McGrath

      I know Mormons who were under the same impression! :-)

  • Gary

    I do find the statement rather amusing, which sums up past (as old and grouchy) Mormon leadership, “Part of the confusion stems from LDS church-owned Brigham Young University, which neither sells nor serves caffeinated drinks. But BYU spokeswoman Carri Jenkins explains that is “not a university or church decision, but made by dining services, based on what our customers want.””
    I am sure that none of the 18 to 24 year old students at BYU want a coke, Pepsi, or coffee. I hope the spokeswoman had a smile on her face when she made the statement.