Top 10 Posts in 2013

It is interesting to look back and see which posts on this blog received the most views this year. The blog received more than a million and a half pageviews this year, of which the main page of the blog received the most. But looking at individual blog posts, the top ten most viewed this year were:

10. The Vista Black Screen After Login Mystery Solved. This solution to a widespread and well-known problem with Windows Vista was shared on my blog all the way back in 2007, and it continues to get traffic. It has been picked up and mentioned by PC tech support websites, and apparently there are enough people still using Vista for it to have received nearly 10,000 pageviews this year.

9. Chariot Wheels in the Red Sea Hoax Persists

8. Is This Bible Verse a Metaphor?  Given that this post just went up this month, it is quite something that it is among the top posts of the year!

7. The “Original Aramaic Lord’s Prayer” is None of the Above

6. The Doctor Who Season Finale “The Name of the Doctor” Leaked Early. You will need to click through twice to get the point of this one.

5. The Plot of Star Wars Episode VII is Now Known. A satirical suggestion about what J. J. Abrams might do when taking the reigns of this science fiction franchise.

4. The Most Effective Squirrel Baffle Ever. You never know what’s going to prove of interest!

3. Getting Back to Biblical Principles. A Peanuts satire that takes aim at the way some today use the phrase “Biblical principles.”

2. Think Outside the Box: The Cutest Response to Creationism Ever. Cartoons and graphics are often popular and get widely circulated. But this one, with its 3,300 likes on Facebook and 358 comments, tops all other such posts.

1. Beware of Who’s Who Scams: One such scam tried to get my money once. Blogging about it was clearly a good idea, since many people who have received similar calls and e-mails have Googled about this and have found their way here. It is depressing to see professionals and even academics who have not merely fallen for such a scam, but actually list their inclusion on their CV or résumé!

Among the runners up – that is, the next several posts beyond number 10 – were numerous posts about Doctor Who, a couple about interpreting the Bible, another about a Who’s Who scam, and my explanation of the ending of LOST. Some of those may have had more visits in total than some of this year’s top 10, given that they have been receiving significant amounts of traffic for multiple years.

Which were your favorite posts of the year? Of all time?

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  • A couple weeks ago I would have been surprised that no mythicism posts were on the list, but I recently checked out a couple of your Dr. Who posts and I learned what real passion looks like.

    • And that might be taken to suggest as well that there are more people who share my passion for Doctor Who than my interest in mythicism! But it depends how one judges passion. I should see if there is any way to figure out the top 10 most commented-on posts of the year. If that were the determining factor, I think there would be several about mythicism and fewer about Doctor Who.

      • I was thinking of how passionately the commenters felt about the topic under discussion. One of the pages that consistently gets a lot of views on my blog is a picture of a cat that looks like Hitler. I used to be the number one search result for “best religion debate ever” for a link I had to Stephen Colbert and Steve Carrell debating Islam vs. Christianity on The Daily Show but someone else comes up now with a link to the same video.