Progressive Christianity is a Threat to Ken Ham’s Deceptions

Ken Ham has gone on record as saying that progressive Christianity is dangerous. This is good news. Any authentic Christianity ought to seem dangerous to oppressors and charlatans and the narrow-minded. Otherwise, we are doing it wrong.

Among the ironic things Ham said was this gem:

Apparently they call this sort of thing ‘Progressive Christianity.’ I guess that means ‘evolving Christianity’ – whatever the secular world believes about where they came from, you accept that as infallible and then change their assumed fallible Word of God to fit! So sad.

Why is this ironic? Because what he describes is exactly what the Biblical authors did. They always assume the best view of the natural world available in their time. They never, ever, even once offer some new information about the natural world not already available to the “secular world” in their time.

Let’s keep up the good work in exposing Ken Ham’s lies as pseudoscientific and unbiblical nonsense!



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