Young-Earth Creationists Just Want To See The Whole World Burn

My attention was drawn to a site calculating the temperature that would have been caused by the radiation if young-earth creationist claims about radioactive decay rates were true.

That would make the Earth in the era of its early stories a fiery furnace. And thus if heaven represents a restoration of Eden, then to accept young-earth creationism would mean turning it into hell, so that it resembles the lake of fire rather than a paradise. And of course, literalism has led some to conclude that heaven is hotter than hell based on other considerations.

In related news, David Macmillan, once a supporter of Ken Ham and his “museum,” explains why he has changed his mind.


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  • Just Sayin’

    Not very winsome of the Hamster.

  • Gary

    I thought I might provide a west coast connection to YEC. This is a reason that I don’t particularly like Jeremiah. If you notice the relationship between himself and Lahaye in the video from last year. Jeremiah is careful on his preaching broadcast on TV to not mention his YEC ties, probably for donation reasons. They are having a conference again this year next Mon/Tues. you wouldn’t think that S. Cal would be a hotbed for YEC. (Pun intended, hotbed, and incestuous relationship between Lahaye and Jeremiah.