Jesus’ Wife Comes Out!

I tried to think of an amusingly sensational headline for what is a legitimately important piece of news. As Josh Mann and Larry Hurtado have both pointed out, it looks like we will soon see the long-awaited publication of the results of the tests on the papyrus fragment known as “The Gospel of Jesus’ Wife.”

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  • Keika

    Spread the excitement with an illegitimate headline like:
    Desperate Housewives of The New Testament.

  • Gary

    Fundamentalists, be careful what you argue for! Follow Jesus’s example.
    Headline suggestion:
    “Jesus definition of marriage, ‘one man, one woman, no sex!'”

    • Gary

      Didn’t mean to double post. Thought the 1st one was lost. But all kinds of good nuggets here,
      “With Clement of Alexandria, however, we can see one articulation of the position that would come to dominate Christian sexual ethics for centuries to come. In an extensive treatment of the topic of sexuality and marriage (Stromateis III), he argues that while certainly virginity and celibacy are good for those to whom God grants these gifts, Christians alone are able to have sexual intercourse in marriage without desire because of the presence and power of the Holy Spirit.” Can’t help but smile.

  • Gary

    Fundamentalists need to be careful what they argue for, or against.
    Headline suggestion:
    Jesus, “Follow me; my definition of marriage, ‘one man, one woman, no sex!'”

  • Susan Burns

    “Thus, on the basis of the age of the papyrus, the placement and absorption of the ink on the page, the type of the handwriting, and the Coptic grammar and spelling, it was concluded that it is highly probable that the fragment is an ancient text.”

    from the HDS website.

  • James Goetz

    Was this marriage egalitarian or complementarian? :-)