Ironic Misprint

Matthew Malcolm pointed out the above misprint in an NRSV Bible. For a verse to go missing from the final chapter of Revelation is particularly ironic, given what it says just a few verses after the missing one!

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  • C. Bauserman

    Have I got a misprint story for you…
    I can remember getting my first new, still-plastic-wrapped BHS.
    Opened it up, started flipping around a bit.
    So I go over to Daniel, just to see what the Aramaic is like …
    And I find the first half of Daniel is missing.
    Turns out this BHS, freshly wrapped, freshly opened…
    Missing about 50 pages. THAT, my friend, is a misprint.
    Dropped off the middle of Ecclesiastes (Qohelet) and started back up in the middle of Daniel. No rips or tears around the base of the binding, no seeming mistakes, just a natural progression from p. 1350 straight to, oh, around p. 1400. Needless to say, that one went back to the bookstore fairly quickly.
    And that’s my cute little misprint story.