Marduk and Sekhmet in the Office

I saw this cartoon, and as a religion professor, my first reaction was to ask what sort of religion would look to both Marduk and Sekhmet as authorities. But I guess stranger combinations have occurred in the history of religious syncretism. If people can write books like Jesus CEO to promote a particular business model, then less well-known (in our time) ancient Babylonian and Egyptian deities will certainly offer businesses the flexibility to creatively design a religious vision that can limit more than just the healthcare coverage of employees, if things continue down that path.


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  • arcseconds

    Aren’t there already syncretizations like this already in contemporary neo-paganism?

    I think I’d be more inclined towards this law if it insisted that people claiming religious objections to things had to wear outlandish religious garb. You can discriminate against gay people all you like, but while you’re doing it you have to look like this:

  • Michael Wilson

    The polytheism of the classical world was fairly open to all sorts of combinations of deities. Their is contemporary popular view of paganism, I like to call it the D&D view since it was kind of their concept, that envisions polytheism like exclusivist devotional religion so that their are pantheons that constitute the gods of the faith and out side gods are forbidden. In classical practice there was an interplay between local and foreign religions and not much concern for strict purity. It seems odd to us because of our monotheistic upbringing, but for the priest of Marduk so long as the people of his city, Babylon, gave the right gifts at the right time, not much else mattered.

    On what religions will be offered to further limit employees, I don’t think this slippery slope should worry anyone except those unfortunate enough to work at hobby lobby. We have had a long standing principle that religious organizations can’t be taxed, yet GM, McDonalds, and so forth have not declared themselves religions to escape the burden. No satanic murder has been able to get a religious exemption for their murder even though native religions may use the otherwise illegal peyote.