Picturing Gravitational Waves

NASA must have a significant announcement to make in the press conference they will be holding later this morning. As a Facebook friend pointed out, this is probably the first time that they have ever taken the step of replacing the Astronomy Picture of the Day with a text placeholder. I am including that placeholder image in this post below. The name of the image file is also significant – they called it “DrumRoll.jpg”!

It is expected that the announcement will confirm the observation of gravitational waves. An exciting development!

What do you think the Astronomy Picture of the Day will be that will appear on the APOD website after the press conference?


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  • Nick Gotts

    Yes – it would have been a bit of an anticlimax if the announcement had been: “No, we haven’t found any gravitational waves yet.” Let’s hope they’ve been as rigorous as they should be, and it’s not another BICEP. They did sound pretty confident at the press conference – but they had been feeding simulated data in to test their systems, so they’d better have been careful not to confuse these with real data!