Uranium Codices

Uranium Codices April 4, 2017

Eisenbrauns is famous for its April Fools Day items. Unfortunately, they hit some technical hiccups getting this year’s offering out on time. The good news is that what they come up with is funny at any time of year. And so click through and enjoy them today!

"Don't listen to drug junkies."

Revelation 22:15: No Dogs Go To ..."
"I think you are talking f OLD Testament."

Revelation 22:15: No Dogs Go To ..."
"Those that do not have Holy Spirit, -> some call it (ghost) in their soul ..."

Revelation 22:15: No Dogs Go To ..."
"Hey Nick.Maybe hermeneutic gathering and inferences that lead to creating an interpretive framework aren’t just ..."

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  • Right up my alley, but the “click through” links don’t work (or is that the April Fools?).

    • It wasn’t supposed to be! I will see if I can fix the links in the post, but in the meantime try this: https://www.eisenbrauns.com/ECOM/_4VX0KH5BX.HTM

      • Good stuff! My favorite is the new Next Day Airmail service:

        The secret, it turns out, is not to land. “When you place your order, you pick out your house or apartment on Google maps. We take the GPS data, and deliver to your doorstep—or as close as we can—from 3,000 feet.”