On Saturnalia Eve

Io Saturnalia!

 Io Saturnalia! Io Triumphi! Io Saturnalia!The Virgin returns, returns old Saturn’s reign,With a new breed of men sent down from Heaven.~ Virgil, Eclogue IV On a cold, crisp night, half past midnight on 17 December, the leading star of Virgo rises above due East on the horizon. This year the virgin Astraea, the Maid of Justice, shall be proceeded (by roughly 45 minutes) by the planet Mars.  Her leading star, called Zavijava today, Beta Virgonis was known as the S … [Read more...]

Mesonyctium and the Savior Gods


Each spring the cosmopolitan city of ancient Rome witnessed the cannophori of Attys streaming from the City on the Ides of March. They went in search of his sacred pine. As they did so, they would wave strands of palms high in the air. This Procession of the Palms by the cannophori, or "tree-bearers," went into the nearby hills to gather pines.  Smaller pines would be brought into individual homes.  Initially these were left undecorated, but later in the festival, with the Resurrection of Attys, … [Read more...]


Proserpina et Dis Pater

 The first sliver of a new moon appeared last Saturday, announcing another kalends. I was reminded by it on just how long it has been since I last posted. October proved to be a full month for me. It began with the first procedure to treat my cancer, followed by an infection of the lungs. Eventually though I did manage to turn my plot of land three times, each time followed with a little rite of thanks tosanctisima Ceres Ferentia. The month of October celebrates transition. There … [Read more...]

Update on Temple of Jupiter Perennus

"Die Necromancers!" That was the message left by the vandals for our fellow worshipers in Poltavs'ka, Ukraine.  In the aftermath of the attack by Orthodox Christians on the Temple of Jupiter Perennus, little actual damage was done. Our sacred space was trashed with beer cans, graffiti, and construction materials. The temple itself is under construction, with little more than the foundation completed.  It was not damaged itself. An attempt was also made to desecrate a nearby altar with graffiti, b … [Read more...]

Assault on the Temple of Jupiter

The Kalends of September proved long and full, and now another Kalends comes upon us.  The Ides (13 Sept) celebrates the anniversary of the dedication of the Temple of Jupiter, Juno, and Minerva atop the Capitoline Hill of Rome. It is therefore especially sad to learn that the Temple of Jupiter Perennus that is being built for our community in Poltava, Ukraine, was attacked last Monday night by a group of Orthodox Christians. Our chief priest of Jupiter, the Flamen Dialis Marcus Corvus was … [Read more...]

Ritual Items

With the first sliver of a new moon the Kalends of September arrives.  Arriving three hours after the sun rose, the crescent moon becomes visible this evening. The rites for the Kalends thus begin after midnight on 1 September.  For this we shall need a few more items besides our ritual implements.Essential for every formal Roman ritual is mola salsa.  Numa Pompilius, who founded the Religio Romana more than 2500 years ago, handed down the regulations for sacrifices that we still follow to … [Read more...]

Ritual Implements

The next step in preparing for formal ritual is to gather together the implements that may be needed.  These may depend on the God or Goddess for whom you intend to call upon.  For example, iron and steel implements are never to be brought into a place dedicated to Ceres; bronze, brass, or copper implements are used in Her rites instead. However, iron is appropriate to use in rites for Mars. No leather may be worn or used in rites for Carmenta, or for any other Goddess concerned with c … [Read more...]