Center for Catholic-Evangelical Dialogue

You can find out more about the Center here. The following is its Mission Statement:

The Center for Catholic-Evangelical Dialogue is an independent research center. Catholic and Evangelical scholars are increasingly discovering that we have much to learn from each other, not least in revitalizing our theologies and our study of Scripture.

Sharing a common bond in worship of Jesus Christ and dependence upon the life-giving work of the Holy Spirit, Catholic and Evangelical theologians and historians can greatly enrich each others’ ability to hear and proclaim the gospel in contemporary North American culture. The Center for Catholic-Evangelical Dialogue aims to sponsor conferences and research projects that nourish the ability of our communities to understand, appreciate, challenge, and benefit from each other. We hope thereby to enrich the faith and practice of contemporary Christians.

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  • dhankle

    I am grateful that these organizations are becoming more available. I teach at an evangelical protestant school (Regent University) and I am the ecumenical officer for the diocese of Richmond in Virginia. My personal experience has demonstrated that where ecumenism seems to have dried up between Catholics and some of the mainline denominations, the relationship between evangelicals and Catholics is growing. Thanks for posting this great resource.

  • Francis J. Beckwith

    That’s terrific. My boyhood friend, Carlos Campo, is your President. Carlos and I went to high school together in Las Vegas. He was class of 1976 and I graduated in 1978.

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