Richard Posner does not know much about theology, especially the Catholic sort

Read Judge Posner’s original piece here (and especially the replies in the combox). And then read John Breen’s response at the Mirror of Justice.

I have, for years, been in awe of Judge Posner’s imposing and impressive intellect. In fact, in my philosophy of law class I require my students to read several of his articles. But on the matter of Catholic moral theology, I will pass on the prince of law and economics and defer to the wisdom of the Prince of Priests.

  • tmcothran

    “I have, for years, been in awe of Judge Posner’s imposing and impressive intellect.”

    Are you referencing his more economic writings? In every writing of his I’ve come across so far which requires him to evaluate another philosophical position, he seems to have no idea what he’s talking about (especially in his “Problematics”). He seems to understand Pragmatism and economics, and of course positive law, but I’ve never seen much impressive about his intellect (other than perhaps his ability to hire good research assistants).

  • teresa

    I read the first two passages of Posner’s article and then eased to read further.

    Indeed he doesn’t how the Catholic Church functions.

    It is never interesting to read what an outsider thinks what the Church should be or do, the best critiques are the system immanent ones.

    I for one would suggest that everyone cares for his own business (according to Plato), and doesn’t meddle in other people’s business, if one is not informed enough to make a well-grounded judgement.

  • domeny

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