Happy Birthday, Frankie!

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Today is my wife Frankie's birthday.What follows is one of the many poems I wrote to her over the years. This one in particular was penned in the mid-1980s while we were dating. It is called "Elusive Valentine." Elusive Valentine I'm finally relaxed After two weeks of being here And my time is never taxed Whenever she is near She doesn't wear a monogram She's got an independent mind She admires Billy Graham She's an elusive valentine There's something 'bout this city That always … [Read more...]

Another summer at Summit Ministries in Manitou Springs, Colorado

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During this upcoming summer (2014) I will be lecturing at 5 of the 7 two-week sessions at Summit Ministries in Manitou Springs, Colorado. (May 29; June 20; July 24; August 8; August 21). I will be giving two talks dealing with philosophical challenges to Christian belief, as well as conducting a one hour open forum. At the open forum students can ask me questions, though this session always develops into an extended conversation on a variety of issues.I have been a lecturer at Summit since … [Read more...]