Tear Down That Wall: A Sermon for Inauguration Week

Originally delivered at First Baptist Church, Denver, Colorado on January 15, 2017.Good morning, First Baptist!Before I get in to my message this morning, I’d like to reread my paraphrase of our New Testament text from this morning. This comes from Paul’s Letter to the Ephesians. Paul writes:“Jesus embodies for us what true peace looks like, for he was sent once and for all to take down the great wall of hatred and hostility that has divided us, so that we can be one. He gave … [Read more...]

We Are What We’ve Been Waiting For

During the Christmas season, we hear a lot of talk about “hope”.Hope for a better day. Hope for a new life. Hope that good will overcome evil.On the surface, this message seems to be one that should be celebrated and embraced. Thinking of what the birth of Jesus represents for our world and how, despite our circumstances, we can look towards a day of salvation and peace.It seems to be a great message.But recently, I’ve been thinking very differently about “hope”.You see, I bel … [Read more...]

Everything Must Change: On Privilege, Patriarchy, and Donald Trump

We are in a period of American history in which everything about the way our country has functioned since it’s inception is being dismantled and deconstructed. Since the very founding of our nation, our leaders have been driven, largely unconsciously, by the power of patriarchy. Patriarchy is, at it’s most rudimentary level, the belief that men are best suited to lead and are the ideal example of what a human should look like. Built in to a patriarchal mindset is a singular image of the supreme m … [Read more...]

Keeping Faith IS Hurting LGBT+ Students (A Response to Alan Noble)

The topics of religious liberties and human rights are two of the most fundamental values embedded into our national consciousness as Americans. From the very conception of our nation, we have been a people who have defended the right of all people to worship whatever they believe in without fear of discrimination or persecution. We have also, increasingly, become a nation who values the life and rights of all people, especially minorities within our nation. In order to achieve a perfect … [Read more...]

Donald Trump: Patriarchy and Penetration (Video)

Donald Trump's new campaign logo, featuring his Vice Presidential nominee Mike Pence has been raising eyebrows across the internet all day. The logo, seen below, features a "T" , for Trump, seemingly penetrating a "P", for Pence. Almost immediately people recognized that this symbolism, whether purposeful or accidental, represented a very real behavioral trend demonstrated by Donald Trump, a trend of being the dominate, forceful, dictator to those who work for him or around him. As soon as I saw … [Read more...]

My New Book: “Nomad: A Spirituality For Travelling Light”

The following is a press release about my newly released book! For more information and to order the book, click the link below!  ABOUT NOMAD: As ‘a good Evangelical Christian who felt called to be a pastor’, Brandan’s life and career plans were turned upside down at Bible college when he began to experience feelings of same sex attraction. The strong ‘black and white’ beliefs that he had previously held on sexuality and faith were shattered, and he found himself in a world of doubts, questioni … [Read more...]