Donald Trump: Patriarchy and Penetration (Video)

Donald Trump's new campaign logo, featuring his Vice Presidential nominee Mike Pence has been raising eyebrows across the internet all day. The logo, seen below, features a "T" , for Trump, seemingly penetrating a "P", for Pence. Almost immediately people recognized that this symbolism, whether purposeful or accidental, represented a very real behavioral trend demonstrated by Donald Trump, a trend of being the dominate, forceful, dictator to those who work for him or around him. As soon as I saw … [Read more...]

My New Book: “Nomad: A Spirituality For Travelling Light”

The following is a press release about my newly released book! For more information and to order the book, click the link below!  ABOUT NOMAD: As ‘a good Evangelical Christian who felt called to be a pastor’, Brandan’s life and career plans were turned upside down at Bible college when he began to experience feelings of same sex attraction. The strong ‘black and white’ beliefs that he had previously held on sexuality and faith were shattered, and he found himself in a world of doubts, questioni … [Read more...]

The Trajectory of the Kingdom: A Case For Inclusion (Video)

Over the past few months, I've been hard at work  developing the content for my new book, tentatively titled Forward: The Kingdom of God and the Case for Inclusion. This book will be a theology/spirituality book that seeks to present a comprehensive case that the trajectory of the Gospel and the Kingdom of God is towards the full inclusion of sexual and gender minorities, the deconstruction of patriarchy, and the liberation of all people both spiritually and literally. I've taken this message to … [Read more...]

Our Witness: The Testimonies of LGBT+ Christians

Following the shooting of nearly 50 LGBT+ people in Orlando, I and many others have begun to speak up about the damage that non-inclusive, non-affirming religious teaching causes in the hearts and minds, not only of LGBT+ people who hear it, but in all people who hear it. The Christian Church has, for thousands of years, promoted a homophobic message that does not beget life, but produces fear, hatred, and death. For thousands of years, Christians, in the name of God, have oppressed LGBT+ … [Read more...]

A Review: “Us Versus Us” By Andrew Marin

In his latest book, “Us Versus Us”, Andrew Marin, a self-identified expert on faith and sexuality unveils a groundbreaking new study about the LGBT+ community and our relation to religion. Marin, known for his attempts to “build bridges” between the LGBT+ and conservative evangelical community, has been a controversial figure because of his refusal to publicly acknowledge his support of or against LGBT+ inclusion in the Church. Full disclosure, as a student in Chicago who was struggling with his … [Read more...]

Our Love Must Expel Fear (On Orlando)

I was standing at a gay bar in London when news flashed across my iPhone that there was a shooting at an LGBT+ nightclub in Orlando. I was standing in the street with hundreds of other LGBT+ people, conversing, laughing, and celebrating life. I saw the news and my initial reaction was to sigh in disbelief, but to presume that this was just another tragic shooting that I’ve become all too familiar with hearing about in the U.S. I whispered a brief prayer for those involved, and I put my phone aw … [Read more...]