We’ve Created Donald Trump

Donald Trump has been blowing up the media for the past week with his suggestion that we ban all Muslims from entering the United States. This is just another insane suggestion from the presidential candidate who has advocated for building a wall to keep out Mexicans (a majority of whom he believes are “rapists”), has said he knows how to single-handedly defeat ISIL (but doesn’t want to tell anyone), and has said captured soldiers aren’t war heroes.Many commentators, celebrities, and politic … [Read more...]

We Are The Hope Of Advent (A Homily)

This homily was given at the Maryland Air Force National Guard Prayer Breakfast on December 6, 2015.For those of you who have roots within the Christian tradition, you know that we have entered into a time of year known as “Advent”, the season in the Christian Church Calendar that culminates in the Feast of Christmastide, or Christmas as most of us have come to know it.Advent is a season of waiting, a season of expectation, where we, with great longing, await the day of deliverance, the d … [Read more...]

Gun Control: A Pro-Life, Human Rights Issue

Almost every day in recent memory, my phone has buzzed with a CNN alert of another tragedy or threat of tragedy that had taken place somewhere in our nation related to guns. Whether in my own community here in Washington D.C. or somewhere else around the nation, I continue to read reports of people being senselessly killed by gun violence, and every time I read these reports, I find myself asking, "What can we do to stop this epidemic?" But after pondering uncomfortably for a few minuets (and … [Read more...]

Advent: Over All, Through All, & In All

Advent.Advent is the season of longing. The season when we stand in solidarity with the people of Israel thousands of years ago, groaning for deliverance and redemption. It is the season where we stand in the darkness, feeling the full weight of injustice, of sin, of our lostness. Where we feel the harsh cold winds of winter that tell of coming death. In this season, we feel the full magnitude of our perceived estrangement from God and from one another.In the season of Advent we are … [Read more...]

Coffee Cups, Christian Privilege, and the Gospel

Red coffee cups. This is the subject of the latest culture war among conservative Christians. Last week, Joshua Feuerstein, a self proclaimed “evangelist” based in Arizona, posted a now viral video on YouTube declaring his outrage that Starbuck’s new seasonal coffee cups were simply red and had no reference to Christmas or Christ. What should have been one radical (or attention seeking) youth pastors video has blown up into an international movement of conservative Christians going to Starbucks a … [Read more...]

To Christian Voters in Houston

Dear Christians Voters in Houston who opposed HERO-I am writing to you today with a deeply grieved heart. Deep in my spirit, I can hear the words of Jesus as he gave his live on the cross saying, "Father, forgive them, for they don't know what they're doing." (Luke 23:34) In a very real sense, you have chosen to reject Christ and have stood for his oppression and marginalization in your city, because Christ is found, not behind the mighty pulpits of your churches or in the faces of the p … [Read more...]